20 Days Aesthetic Facial Specialist Course Package 10% Discount

This Aesthetic Facial Specialist Course will give you all the theoretical and practical skills required to become a Professional Aesthetic Facial Specialist.

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Course Dates 

Start Date October 3rd 2022  – End Date November 11th 2022

Start Date November 14th 2022 – End Date December 30th 2022

Start Date January 9th 2023 – End date February 17th 2023

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9:00am-4:00pm 

Saturday and Sunday time to enjoy all the splendors  Bali has to offer

“The island of the Gods”  

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Aesthetic Facial Specialist Course Package












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Who is it for:

Students aiming to become a professional Aesthetic Facial Specialists Professional Spa therapists wanting to add to their portfolio of skills and adding CPD hours (Continued Professional Development) Novice Students wanting to learn new skills. No previous experience necessary.

Price includes:
  • Coffee, tea or water
  • Training Manual
  • Clients for your practical sessions
  • All products and equipment required
  • Bali BISA Certificate

Accommodation and Airport pick up available on request

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Read more about Aesthetic Facial
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Thanks to modern facial skin care technology, the effects of aging on the skin caused by genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors no longer have to be accepted as permanent. Today, there are many facial rejuvenation options to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Also, to treat skin problems such as acne and rosacea or enhance a facial skin care regimens to achieve a look that’s healthy and natural.

Cosmetic electrotherapy is a range of beauty treatments that uses low electric currents passed through the skin to produce several therapeutic effects. Examples are; muscle toning and micro-lifting of the face.

What you will learn
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  • Anatomy & Physiology of the skin
  • Skin diseases and disorders
  • Health and safety.
  • Client care, communication and preparation.
  • Client consultation for facial treatments
  • Facial examination and skin analysis
  • Contra Indications and contra – actions of facial care
  • Usage of different products and their benefits to different skin types
  • Steaming & Extraction
  • Selection, mixing and application of different types of face scrubs and masques
  • Full facial massage routine to include Face, neck shoulder and chest massage
  • Contraindications and contra-actions of facial electrical treatments.
  • An understanding of electricity and how it works with the equipment being used for facial treatments.
  • Galvanic
  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) (also known as Faradic treatment)
  • Micro-current electrical neuromuscular stimulation (MENS)
  • High frequency
  • Aftercare



In just fifteen days anyone can become an expert Facials Specialist 


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