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Learn how to perform a therapeutic pregnancy massage as part of a comprehensive Bali International Spa Academy (BISA) or CIBTAC Endorsed program or on its own for 5 days. This is an excellent way to become a maternity care expert in spas, wellness centres, medical spas or hospitals.

Historically, touch and massage were a central component of maternity care across all cultures. In the absence of obstetrical tools, gadgets and modern medicine, a maternity carer had only their eyes, ears and hands to diagnose and assist women during pregnancy and childbirth. This hands-on approach to care is just as valid today as it is easy to implement, and very complementary to any medical considerations and required treatments.

During pregnancy, women suffer from all sorts of ailments, including heartburn, backaches, swollen ankles, aching muscles, breast soreness and fatigue. Traditional medicine offers few means of alleviating these problems. Also, women may feel increased stress due to the psychological effects of pregnancy, which include changes in body image, concerns about the baby’s health, and the challenge associated with this life-changing event.

Through simple techniques, including the nerve stroke, effleurage, Petri sage, friction and tapotement most of these symptoms can be alleviated. You will learn how massage can relieve tension during pregnancy, help prepare for labor and make the postpartum period less difficult. During pregnancy, massage can safely, comfortably and effectively relieve the stress and discomforts of pregnancy.

The skills taught at Bali BISA spa and massage school are becoming more and more in demand as women are looking for natural pre-natal health care.