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Although Bamboo Massage may still be a relative novelty in the massage world, it has a long history in China, Indonesia and Japan where bamboo is revered for its longevity and life energy. It is in fact a giant grass whose stalk can be cut, but its root system will rapidly regenerate, making it a highly renewable resource.

For massage, it uses hollow, organically-treated bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to go deeply and firmly into the body’s tissue, The bamboo is rolled over the body using the same strokes that a therapist would normally perform with just their hands, wrists and arms. The longer sticks are used for gliding strokes, whereas smaller tools can be used for more detailed work. This intense kneading of the muscles assists in the release of tension and easing of knots.

Other benefits of this powerful massage include;

  • Removes fluids and toxins through the lymphatic drainage system
  • Stimulates the circulatory system
  • Enhances inner well being and gives a sense of serenity
  • Soothes muscle aches, tensions and stiffness

The oil used is a blend of bamboo bio-extract and rose hip oil which nourishes the skin.

For therapists, bamboo massage relieves much of the physical stress associated with traditional massages, so worth adding it to your portfolio of skills. Clients will also love the way they feel under the gentle pressure of the bamboo!