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Aromatherapy massage dates back 6,000 years or more. The Greeks, Romans, and ancient Egyptians all used aromatherapy oils for bathing, massage and healing.  The modern era of Aromatherapy though dawned in 1930 when the French chemist, Rene Maurice Gattefosse, coined the term Aromatherapy for the therapeutic use of essential oils. He was fascinated by the benefits of lavender oil in healing his burned hand without leaving any scars. He started investigating the effect of other essential oils for healing and for their psycho-therapeutic benefits.

Aromatherapy uses warm essential oils to activate your sense of smell and increase your feeling of well-being. The oils are most commonly massaged into the skin, dropped into bathing water, and used in diffusers to disseminate the smell.

Aromatherapy Massage Video TutorialThe essential oils used in Aromatherapy massage are powerful and are extracted from plants, shrubs, flowers, bark, peel, resin, grasses, fruits, roots, trees, petals, stems or seeds. Only a small amount of essential oil is needed. It is blended with a larger amount of “carrier” oil which contain certain benefits themselves and act as a balancing and stabilizing agent.

The healing power of essential oils is the main attraction of Aromatherapy Massage.