Traditional Hair Cream Bath

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The traditional hair cream bath, like other traditional Indonesian beauty rituals, dates back thousands of centuries and has been passed down through generations but is still widely popular today, with both men and women. It has been credited with being the secret behind the way Indonesians keep their dark, shiny hair well into old age. The traditional Indonesian Cream bath hair treatment has its roots in the Indian technique of massaging hair with oil or Champi and in traditional Indonesian medicine known as Jamu.

Traditional Hair Cream Bath

Having beautiful, shiny and healthy hair can make you feel wonderful. Discover the secrets of Indonesians’ luxurious shiny hair by using fresh ingredients such as avocado, coconut milk, carrot, lime and fresh mint leaf.

How to Make Hair Cream Bath

  • Shampoo: Mix hibiscus leaves with water and squeeze until it creates a gel. Throw out the pulp and use the gel as a shampoo.
  • Conditioner: Grate the coconut and make a coconut milk to moisturize the hair.

Different fruits such as avocado, carrot, Aloe Vera, Coconut Milk, Lime and Mint can be massaged into the scalp for nourishment, keeping your hair shiny and healthy.

Hair Conditions

The hair type is dependent on heredity and how we treat our hair. Harsh shampoos, chemicals, diet and the environment all take their toll on the general condition of our hair.

  • Dry hair: Avocado is rich in natural oil and good for nourishing dry hair. Blend the avocado and mix with the cream bath base.
  • Normal to dry hair: Carrot is rich in vitamin A; it is also very good for split ends. Blend the carrot and mix with the cream bath base
  • Very dry hair: Coconut milk is an excellent moisturizer and can make hair shiny. Mix the coconut milk powder with water and add a few spoons of cream bath base.
  • Normal hair: Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer and healer. Take the gel from the Aloe Vera and mix it with the cream bath base
  • Oily Hair and scalps with dandruff: Use mint and lime. Blend the mint leaves, add the juice of one fresh lime and mix with the cream bath base cream.

A professional cream bath treatment should be done once a week.

Traditional Hair Cream Bath Procedure

  • Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner: 10 minutes
  • Apply hair bath cream: 5 minutes
  • Massage scalp: 15 minutes
  • Steam hair: 15 minutes
  • Rinse hair: 5 minutes
  • Comb and dry hair: 5 minutes