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Fresh Fruit Facial Skin Care

Asian women have been renowned for their beautiful skin and faces for centuries without the intervention of modern night creams, neck creams or new oxygen creams.

They have used different kinds of fruit extracts to slough off dead skin cells, fight acne and replenish moisture to nourish their skin. Many natural beauty preparations stem from the palaces in Central Java where princesses spent their youth learning and preparing them for their own use.

We cannot stop the aging process but we can help our skins age with grace by taking a few simple steps: fresh air, adequate sleep, a high water intake, relaxation and a diet high in fruit and vegetables and low in processed foods, all of which help our facial skin stay plump and relatively free from blemishes.

Most of the ingredients used in these traditional facials can be found in the kitchen, such as cucumber, candle nut, avocado, lime, banana, egg and honey.

Because all of the products are fresh and natural, the skin should suffer no ill effects.

These natural skin care products are easy to create at home. 

Method of Production:

1. Cucumber juice as a toner

Cucumber is very refreshing and very beneficial for toning our skin.

Peel the skin off the cucumber, mixed with water, blend and strain off. Use the juice for the toner; the

pulp can be kept for a mask.

2. Candle nut and honey for a cleanser

Candle nut is very moisturizing and honey is good for nourishing and softening the skin.

Clean the candle nut, mix with water, blend and strain off. Use the milk mixed with honey as a cleanser;

The pulp can be used for a scrub.

3. Candle nut as a scrub

Grated candle nut is a nice peeling scrub. It has a moisturizing effect and is very good for exfoliating dead skin cells.

4. Avocado mask for dry skin

Avocado is very rich with oil so it is very good for a dry skin. Take the flesh of the avocado, blend and use the pulp for a mask.

5. Cucumber, lime and honey mask for oily skin

Cucumber provides a refreshing effect, lime is good for extracting oil from the skin and honey softens the skin.

Use all of the cucumber except the seeds, blend and use the pulp mixed with one slice of lime and some honey.

6. Banana, egg and honey mask for sensitive skin

Blend the banana and mix with one egg and honey; this is very gentle on sensitive skins.

Apply a fresh slice of cucumber to each eye when using a mask treatment. This is cooling and refreshing for the eyes.

(Using fresh ingredients for a facial means the treatments are less likely to cause possible allergy problems.)

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