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With fitness in focus nowadays, enrolling in Bali BISA’s Sports Massage course will lead to a fulfilling career in the dynamic health, wellness and spa field.

It is not surprising that in a society where sports and fitness are integral elements of a contemporary lifestyle that a sports massage certification would be in high demand by spas and wellness centres.  Athletes and people simply suffering from overworked muscles from daily activities increasingly turn to skilled sports massage practitioners who intimately understand how to alleviate the stress and tension stored in tissues via massage to the over-all muscular – skeletal system and localized problem areas.  Regularly used, sports massage can also help prevent injuries.

A pre-requisite is a certificate in Anatomy and Physiology.  Students without this can undertake Bali BISA’s five day course  which is also available on – line or the CIBTAC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.