10 Days Slimming Massage & Treatments Course

This Slimming Massage Course will give you all the theoretical and practical skills required to perform a treatment for your client’s friends and family.

Price: $1200.00

Pre-Requisite: Bali BISA Anatomy & Physiology  You can combine this course  and enjoy a 10% discount.

Or  E-Learning Anatomy & Physiology or CIBTAC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology.

For flexible dates contact us at info@balibisa.com

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Who is it for:

Students aiming to becoming Professional Spa Therapists.  Professional Spa therapists wanting to add to their portfolio of skills and adding CPD hours (Continued Professional Development) No previous experience necessary.

Price includes:

  • Coffee, tea, or water
  • Training Manual
  • Training Video
  • Clients for your practical sessions
  • All required products and Equipment
  • Exams: Theory & Practical
  • Bali BISA Certificate

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Read more about Slimming Massage
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This extended course covers much more than just massage and body wrap techniques to slim down the body in the short term, but provides a pathway for the practitioner to advise clients about the best nutrition and exercises to suit their individual body type.

You will also learn how to use the Gyrator Vibration is known as a G5, the most widely used mechanical massage device in salons, health spas and cruise ships.

Massage therapy can work wonders for anyone who is trying to lose weight or toning the body. Regular massages are an excellent way to eliminate cellulite and other small fat deposits by breaking down subcutaneous fat and toning up your body and muscles. They also help to relieve muscle pain and injuries and enable you to keep up a regular exercise program. Last but not least, massages help to relax after an intensive day. There are many reasons why people may gain weight. Here are a few tips to get you to your goals of that trimer figure.

  • Movement and Exercise helps with weight loss
  • Healthy diet
  • A good nights sleep
  • Less stress

In a beauty-obsessed world, it is no surprise that the word Slimming is appealing in itself, which is why Spas, Wellness Facilities and Retreats are adding it to their portfolios. Our Slimming Massage Course at Bali International Spa Academy teaches techniques based on the latest scientific evidence about the most effective massage movements to reduce inches in conjunction with diet and exercise. This is an excellent supplementary course for practitioners concentrating on holistic approaches to optimal well-being.

Students can supplement this core slimming massage course with an extra week of an information-packed course about diet, nutrition, exercise and customized body wraps. 10 days Slimming with Treatments 

Benefit of Slimming Massage
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  • A slimming massage is a pain-free treatment.
  • Improves soft tissue function
  • Improves blood pressure and heart rate
  • Helps decrease fatigue and stiffness.
  • Helps to reduce stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise easily.
  • Improves skin: more elastic so it becomes firmer. By doing exercise, the results are even better. With a slimming massage, you could see
    the results after a few sessions. Improved health. Being overweight is the cause of some health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. By eliminating fat from your body, these health issues will also be eliminated. Your health and performance will visibly improve.
What you will learn
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  • Health and safety.
  • Knowledge of the Anatomy & Physiology
  • Body Wraps
  • Gyratory (G5)
  • Healthy Eating
  • Active lifestyle
  • Client care, communication and preparation.
  • Contra Indications
  • Product and equipment required.
  • Massage techniques and application.
  • Aftercare

Career paths:  Health Wellness & Medical Centers, Gyms, Spa’s Cruise Ships,


15 Days CIBTAC Certificate in Body (Swedish) Massage + CIBTAC Endorsed Slimming Massage

CIBTAC Slimming Massage Program at the Bali International Spa Academy in Sanur is endorsed by CIBTAC due to its excellent training methods.

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