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This Shirodhara course encompasses an ancient Ayurveda healing practice that has been performed in India for over 2,000 years. It is the application of warmed sesame oil which is infused with herbs that are gently poured onto the forehead for an extended period.

Traditionally it is  used to calm the nerves, harmonize Vata constitutions, restore the nerves, release stored emotions, and purify the mind. In Ayurveda Medicine, it is considered an important tool in the pursuit of higher states of consciousness. Shirodhara has been shown to help with fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, some mental disorders, headache, excessive thinking, nervousness, and many other conditions commonly suffered by some people as a result of today’s super-active and stressful lifestyle.

You can also choose to study this along with Abhyanga Body Massage and traditional Indian Head Massage in a 15 day CIBTAC Endorsed program or Bali BISA course.