Ayurveda Head Massage

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5 Days / 35 Hours


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Learn authentic Indian Head Massage, also known as Ayurveda Head Massage, at one of Bali’s premier holistic training centres.

Why learn this unique ayurveda treatment?  If you ask people what part of the body carries the most tension, they will normally say the upper body, particularly the neck and shoulders. India’s four thousand year old Ayurveda medicinal system recognizes that a head massage using aromatic oils combined with an upper body massage will induce a state of peace. Its popularity is rising as it can be completed while seated and fully clothed in any location. Yogis in particular adore it to balance body, mind and spirit.

Take this BISA course on its own or combine with Shirodara and Abhyanga Body Massage for a complete 15 day Ayurvedic program or CIBTAC Endorsed program at Bali’s leading spa, massage and aesthetics institute.