Intuitive Massage Therapy

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10 Days / 70 Hours


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This Intuitive Massage course provides the technical skills and holistic viewpoints to allow experienced or novice wellness practitioners to define their own intuitive bodywork type based on intuitive touch, compassion and balance. This type of massage and holistic healing environment is beneficial to both the giver and receiver, plus sets the therapist apart from typical spa menu offerings.

During the first week, a wide range of massage techniques will be mastered, including the core set of essential strokes plus those derived from unique forms such as Balinese, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Thai, Ayurveda and Reflexology. Theory lessons provide a solid understanding of the body and its functions to ensure maximum effectiveness. Yet as a holistic treatment, it will go much deeper than traditional anatomy and physiology. Rather you will learn to address all aspects of the individual and their lifestyle………. their mental state, emotional well-being and spiritual values. This unique toolbox incorporates an understanding of the body’s energy centers known as the chakras, breathing techniques, meditation and visualization.

Harnessing these into one powerful and unique intuitive treatment is the focus of the second week. You will have ample time to experiment and eventually practice on guest models. The outcome will be personally fulfilling and rewarding as you become an integral part of a person’s journey towards total wellness.