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For those whom have mastered the basics of slimming massage, continue on your journey to give customers the ultimate wellness advise and treatments with our 10-day Slimming Treatments and Massage course.  Wellness centres, resorts and retreat facilities are seeking out qualified therapists to treat and guide their clientele in order to fulfill their goals in terms of physical and emotional balance.

This extended course covers much more than just massage and body wrap techniques to slim down the body in the short term, but provides a pathway for the practitioner to advise clients about the best diet,nutrition and exercises to suit their individual body type.

You will also learn how to use the Gyrator Vibration known as a G5, the most widely used mechanical massage device in salons, health spas and cruise ships.

If you are only interested in learning slimming massage, a five day course is available.


CBE 121 – 15 days

The methods of Tutorials include :

Case Studies
Home Study
Commercial Practice