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The Power of Touch – Why Massage Isn’t an Indulgence

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At some point in our lives, we’ve all heard about the benefits of massage. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard someone say there are disadvantages to being massaged, unless of course the person doing the massage doesn’t actually know what they are doing!

The most common misconception is, massage isn’t essential AND that touch isn’t a necessity. TRUE OR FALSE?

Massage therapy has been labeled by some as an unnecessary indulgence, an uncomfortable hour, not meant for those who aren’t “touchy feely,” something that can be replaced by other methods of healing.

Being a massage therapist and teacher with over 40 years of experience in the field, I believe in the power of touch.

When I talk to clients especially when they are completing a medical form, I don’t always get the full stories.  Injuries that possibly happened years before could be related to the pain they are having today.

Our bodies remember trauma far longer than the mind. Our body needs balance, stability and care to recover.

“Massage Therapy will help the body reach homeostasis.”

The power of touch is not only “nice,” it’s a necessity built deep within us that’s forgotten as we age.

“Animals and children, they innately ask for what they need. My dogs Max and Zero roll over to get a belly rub. Max loves to give me his paw when he wants his back scratching and Zero well, she is just the princess and will let you massage her all day if you had the time.

When a child is scared, stressed, or tired, they look to their parents to pick them up, to hold them,

Adults, aren’t as natural we tend to stop asking to be touched.

The corona virus has made it worse for all of us. Think about rush hour, be it trains buses or walking down a busy street. Our faces are covered with masks so we can’t even see if people are smiling, sad, depressed.  “Social distancing” words we would never have imagined would be on everybody’s lips as the norm. We can’t even sit next to each other let alone give a comforting touch to even our closest friends.

Besides the known benefits for sore muscles and relaxation, massage has so many more benefits that we could all use in our lives. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage can help in the healing and treatment of anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue strains or injuries, sports injuries.

“Breathing, for instance, is not only for carbon dioxide release and oxygen intake. Deep diaphragmatic breathing initiates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for your rest and digest.

If you are like me I can tell you I am suffering from some of the above complaints

Without investing in massage, can you bring the power of touch into everyday life?

In a romantic relationship, initiating that intimacy can be as simple as asking for a shoulder rub. It teaches us to communicate what we need, not only in the form of touch but in other facets of our relationships. It can also promote active listening between couples.

And outside of romantic relationships, a simple handshake a pat on the back a simple hug. The team here at Bali BISA were always giving each other hugs.

Spa’s Wellness retreats Hair Salons are all starting to open again. So for all of us that are passionate about helping our clients this is the time when they will really need you.

Bali known as “The Island of the Gods”

Bali BISA re-opened on the 1st June 2020. We are so happy to be able to welcome our clients, students and staff back.

  We deserve to live the best life we can.

 It’s our body and it’s the most amazing place we will ever live.

 Learn it, love it and let it live!”