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Who are CIBTAC?

CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), an organization that provides internationally recognized qualifications and certifications in beauty therapy, cosmetology, and massage therapy.

CIBTAC’s recognition of exceptional training providers such as Bali BISA emphasizes their commitment to maintaining high standards in the Spa industry. They aim to ensure consistency and excellence in the training provided by partnering with suppliers that share exceptional standards.

Endorsed training by CIBTAC plays a crucial role in assisting trainees in advancing toward regulated qualifications awarded by CIBTAC itself. This endorsement indicates that the training provided adheres to a unique high-calibre approach, aligning with the standards set by CIBTAC.

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Bali BISA CIBTAC Endorsed Programs

The quality assured Endorsed Training program offered by CIBTAC responds directly to industry demands. It serves to validate the quality of education received by qualified therapists from various sources, including training institutions, product manufacturers, and equipment providers. By endorsing specific training programs, CIBTAC ensures that these meet their rigorous standards.

Recognition of Exceptional Training Providers

CIBTAC acknowledges and recognizes Bali BISA training providers meet their high standards. Bali BISA and CIBTAC share the commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in training.

Endorsed Training for Candidate Progression

Endorsed training programs are intended to assist candidates/trainees in advancing towards obtaining regulated qualifications awarded by CIBTAC. These endorsed programs utilize a unique training approach, deemed to be of the highest calibre available, which helps candidates progress and qualify for certifications awarded by CIBTAC.

Consistency and Exceptional Standards

Bali BISA ensure consistency in the delivery of exceptional standards across the board. CIBTAC recognise training delivered by Bali BISA align with the high-quality standards CIBTAC expect.

CIBTAC Quality Assured Endorsed Training Programs:

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of 20 brand-new CIBTAC + CIBTAC Endorsed Courses, designed to elevate your skills and enhance your spa experience! Join us on this exciting journey as we bring you an array of enriching courses to boost your expertise in the world of wellness and beauty.

Bali BISA has internally qualified quality insurance officers which ensures our Endorsed Training programs follow the CIBTAC standard.

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CIBTAC Endorsed Course Balinese Massage

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CIBTAC Endorsed Course Intuitive Massage Therapy

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CIBTAC Endorsed Course Balinese Massage

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