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BISA e-learning courses courses are great for everyone regardless of age, gender or nationality. Our Online courses are suitable for complete beginners or therapists wishing to add CPD hours. Whether you are wanting a qualification to work in the industry or just to learn for fun or personal interest! These courses are great for everyone.

  • What does My E-Learning Course Cover?
  • How will My E-Learning Course Work?
  • How do I Book My E-Learning Course?
  • Health Safety & Hygiene

    In line with international awarding body standards.

  • Client consultations

    Making decisions if your treatment requires any adjustments depending on your client’s needs.

  • Contraindications

    It is very important to work safely and professionally with your clients. Understanding what you can and cannot do is key to the safety of your clients

  • Massage techniques

    How to complete a full body massage: Our step-by-step videos and your dedicated Tutor will lead you through this part of the course ensuring you are as perfect in your routines as if you were learning here in Bali.

  • How to look after your own ergonomics

    Self-care is key for a massage therapist. Knowing how to work with your own body mechanics will save you from potential injuries.

  • Different mediums that can be used for various massages

    There are many choices of products you can use depending on your course choices.

  • Aftercare advice

    Having performed treatment for your client, it is important to give your client homecare advice to ensure they enjoy the full benefits of the treatment given at home.

  • You will be contacted by your dedicated tutor who will guide you through your online course so you are clear on what is required at each stage.
  • Your Tutor will plan 5 – 1-hour Schedules where you will be working together through your course. Your Tutor is available Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Bali time. We have many students in different time zones. If it is difficult for you to plan with your Tutor. She will ask you to take Videos of your practical work.
  • You will work through the comprehensive study materials which you will have access to once the course has been paid for. The platform you will be using is Podia. You will be able to download all the study materials from here.
  • These will be training manuals required for your chosen course, video, PowerPoint presentations and multiple-choice tests.
  • You will need to complete 4 treatments at home with friends or family and submit evidence of these treatments to complete your course. You can of course do as many as you wish.
  • You will need basic products and tools at home to complete your chosen course. We will send you the list once you have confirmed your course. We are able to provide you with a starter kit if you are unable to get what you need locally. We will send you a quotation for the starter kit required for your chosen course.
  • Click the “Buy Now” button below.
  • Follow the “Buy Now” Button and enter your email address.
  • Insert your credit card details.
  • You will receive confirmation through email once the payment is completed.
  • After you have created your personal account, you can log in and study through your personal student dashboard.
  • We will then schedule your Tutor who will send you an email to arrange your 1st session at your own convenience.

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Advantages of e-Learning courses

E-Learning courses are convenient

The biggest advantage of an online course is that your tutor is available just for you. You can get announcements, access notes, review assignments, take practice quizzes, discuss questions, chat with fellow students and study any time you want. Other than certain due dates (Exams), you make your own schedule for completing the requirements of the course.

E-Learning courses offer flexibility

Online courses give you the flexibility to spend time with work, family, friends, or any other activity you like. HOWEVER, you still have to complete the work.

E-Learning courses bring education right to your home

Online students often find that their family, friends and/or boy-girl-friends get involved in the course. Oftentimes, a student will study with that special someone present. In short, everyone in the household gets involved in learning. Having the support of your family and friends makes you more likely to succeed.

E-Learning courses offer individual attention

Because you have a direct pipeline to the Tutor via e-mail, zoom, and WhatsApp you can get your questions answered directly. I teach Spa management courses online and personally, I love getting to know my students, their goals their future plans. Many students aren’t comfortable asking questions in class for fear of feeling stupid. The Internet eliminates that fear. Many times you think of a question while you are studying. You can send an e-mail, WhatsApp, to your Tutor. Your opportunity to learn is enhanced.

E-Learning courses help you meet like-minded people

Bali BISA connects students who are doing the same course online. This provides the opportunity to get to know other students doing the same course as you. Chat rooms, social media platforms.

E-Learning courses give you real-world skills

When you complete a Bali BISA Course you will not only have the joy of learning a new skill for the Spa industry. You will be able to include e-mail and web browsing as technical skills on your resume. That gives you a definite advantage over someone who doesn’t have these skills. Learning how to get information via the Internet opens up a world of possibilities for your personal and professional life. The possibilities are practically endless.

E-Learning courses can connect you to the world

Technology today connects us to the world, the Internet, and social media. We can communicate across the globe. Many times, the websites you visit in your course will be based in another country. The world has become our oyster allowing us to research and learn so many topics which were once out of our reach.

E-Learning courses promote lifelong learning

Learning never stops, once you have done a course with Bali BISA you may develop an interest in another course. Having that spark of interest and knowing how to find information online ensures that what you learning is always available to you. If you become interested in other topics, you will have developed the skills to find information. 

E-Learning courses teach you to be self-disciplined

Most of us, put off the things we need to do until the very last moment. When it comes to education, the last moment is the worst possible moment to learn. Sometimes that lesson is learned the hard way in the form of poor performance on an exam or assignment. But ultimately, you succeed because you realize the importance of doing things on time or even ahead of time. That self-realization propels your success in an online course. No one is there looking over your shoulder to tell you to go online and study. No one is there to make you ask questions or post responses. The motivation to study in an online course comes from you. The online student takes responsibility for their course of studies and matures into an individual for whom learning and accomplishment are highly valued. In short, your success depends on you!

E-Learning courses have financial benefits

Initially, you may have to purchase a computer internet. However, the costs of petrol, parking eating out, child-care, and pet care. These are very tangible benefits of having access to education at home. I presently have a student from America coming to us to do one of our 10-week international courses. She told me the exact same as above. A similar course in America was going to take 2 years and was a lot more expensive.