High-frequency Treatments

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High-frequency treatment is a therapeutic technique that utilizes low-current, high-frequency alternating currents delivered through a glass electrode. This procedure involves the application of electrical currents to the skin, generating a high-frequency current that converts oxygen in the air into ozone. As a result, this treatment exhibits germicidal properties and offers drying and warming effects.

The primary purposes of high-frequency treatment include aiding the healing process, supporting desquamation (the natural exfoliation of the skin), and stimulating both sweat and sebaceous glands. The frequencies used in this treatment can range up to 250,000 Hz, causing the hollow glass electrode to behave similarly to a glow discharge tube. This device is sometimes referred to as a “violet ray” or “violet wand,” with the emitted color dependent on the gas enclosed within the glass.

Unlike some other electrical treatments, high-frequency treatment typically involves the use of a single electrode, and sparking might occur when the electrode is brought close to the skin. The sensation produced during this treatment can be perceived as pleasurable, which has led to the development of similar devices used in erotic electrostimulation.

Key benefits of high-frequency treatment include:

  • Germicidal Action

    The conversion of oxygen into ozone contributes to the treatment’s germicidal properties, potentially aiding in the reduction of bacteria on the skin’s surface.

  • Stimulation of Skin Functions

    The procedure assists in the natural exfoliation process (desquamation), which is beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. Additionally, it stimulates sweat and sebaceous glands, helping in the regulation of oil production and promoting overall skin health.

  • Wound Healing

    By enhancing circulation and promoting cell turnover, high-frequency treatment may assist in accelerating the healing process for certain skin conditions.

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It’s essential to note that while high-frequency treatment can offer potential benefits for the skin, it’s important to consult a qualified skincare professional or dermatologist before undergoing such treatments, especially if there are pre-existing skin conditions or concerns

10 Days Cosmetic Electrotherapy Facial Treatments Course

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  • Training Manual
  • Final Exams
  • Bali BISA Certificate
  • All products and quipment required
  • Clients for your practical sessions

This 10 days Cosmetic Electrotherapy Facial Treatments Course will give you all the theoretical and practical skills required to become a Professional Aesthetician.

  • Qualification Level: Nationally recognized certificate
  • Delivery Method: Hands-on practical training with essential theory in a well-equipped spa training centre, with small classes for personalized attention.
  • Assessment Method: Continuous practical assessment and a final exam
  • Start Dates: Offered weekly (Monday to Friday, 09.00-15.00 Bali Time) based on availability.

Bali BISA stands out as an institute dedicated to delivering exceptional education in spa therapies, massage, and wellness, blending practical training with cultural immersion in Bali’s rich heritage.

Bali BISA is an esteemed academy based in Sanur, Bali, offering comprehensive training in spa, massage, wellness, and aesthetics. Founded in 2005 by Penny Ellis, it aims to provide top-notch education for aspiring spa therapists and individuals seeking to enhance their massage expertise. The academy offers specially designed programs endorsed by CIBTAC, reflecting Penny Ellis’s 44 years of industry experience.

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