5 Days Spa Director Course

Spa Directors manage the daily operations of spa facilities. Spa Directors work independently as leaders in spa environments and ultimately report to corporate or regional managers. Travel is not typically required of Spa Directors, who perform all their usual duties within the spa itself. This position usually follows on from being a Spa Manager.

If you are considering moving to the next level in your career then this is the course for you

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Who is this course for:

This comprehensive program is well-suited for Spa Managers ready to take on the day-to-day operations of a Spa Director.

Price Includes:

  • Coffee, tea or water
  • Training Manual
  • Bali BISA Certificate

What you will Learn 

  • Strategic Business Development
  • Goal Setting and Communication
  • Financial Reports
  •  Merchandising and Retail Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management of Staff Evaluations
  • Employee Productivity
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Guest Relations Initiatives
  • Repeat Business Programs
  • Public and Media Relations
  • Planning Effective Meetings;
  • Training Programs and Manuals;
  • Standard Operating Procedures; and Maintenance Planning

Not Included:

  • Accommodation in Bali – please contact us for recommendations

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Spa Director Job Description 

Spa Director Duties and Responsibilities

Daily duties performed by spa directors vary depending on the problems that arise, the staffing matters they must attend to, the services offered by the spa, and the size of the facility itself. However, some core tasks include:

Manage Staff

Spa directors manage and supervise staff members. This includes hiring, training, and firing staff when necessary.

Perform Walkthroughs

Spa directors walk through all spa areas on a daily basis to check for cleanliness and ensure that all equipment is functioning properly.

Manage Budget

Spa directors manage the spa’s budget and payroll. This includes managing supply purchases and ensuring that the spa is profitable enough to cover expenses. They also write regular expense and profit reports to show losses and gains.

Make Recommendations

Spa directors make recommendations regarding spa services, marketing, and other operational concerns that may potentially boost profits and minimize losses.

Maintain Licensing

Spa directors ensure that all licensing and certification requirements are met in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Maintain Inventory

Spa directors maintain the spa inventory, ordering new supplies as needed to keep the spa well stocked.

Resolve Problems

Spa directors resolve all staff disputes and problems and respond to customer complaints. They find solutions to satisfy staff and customers without harming the company’s bottom line.

Maintain Company Protocols

Spa directors follow and maintain company standards and protocols at all times, and ensure that staff do the same.

Perform Clerical Duties

Spa directors perform various clerical duties as needed, such as creating and updating client files, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and managing paperwork.

Maintain Knowledge

Spa directors maintain in-depth knowledge of all procedures and services offered by the spa to explain them to staff and customers as needed.

Spa Director Skills and Qualifications

Spa directors oversee daily spa operations, supervise all staff members, provide service to customers, and manage all financial concerns. Employers seek candidates who have the following skills:

Personnel management – spa directors lead and supervise spa employees, which requires solid team management skills

Salesmanship – because spas are service-based, spa directors use strong sales skills to upsell to customers

Math skills – spa directors use math to manage the company’s budget

Customer service – spas are customer-based businesses, so employers seek spa directors with strong customer service skills

Communication skills – spa directors use verbal communication to manage staff and interact with customers; they use written communication skills to write detailed business reports

Computer skills – spa directors use various software to order inventory supplies, write reports, and manage payroll and other budget matters, all of which require excellent computer skills

Multitasking – spa directors multitask to oversee all staff members and spa operations, and tend to many different tasks at once

Problem-solving skills – spa directors use problem-solving skills to effectively resolve staff and customer issues

Physical fitness – spa directors regularly walk through spa areas, spend hours on their feet, and may help lift heavy inventory items, all of which require strength and stamina

Attention to detail – spa directors use attention to detail to inspect all spa areas, maintain inventory, and create accurate budget reports

Spa Director Education and Training

A majority of employers look for spa directors who have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business, or a similar field of study. Spa management certification is not usually required, but having this designation can help candidates stand out among other applicants. Spa management certification can be obtained through college or online coursework. Many employers also look for spa directors who have past experience in the spa industry or in a leadership role.

Some training is usually provided to help spa directors learn company protocols and daily operational procedures. While in training, spa directors work closely with a regional or corporate manager. This training period varies by employer and may last for several weeks.

Spa Director Salary and Outlook

 Lodging managers work in the hospitality industry and perform many duties similar to those required of spa directors. Large hotels and resorts typically offer spa services, so the two jobs are closely linked and the two industries commonly overlap. The BLS estimates that employment in this field will increase 4 percent through 2026, a rate that is slower than the national average.

Most spa directors receive complete health benefits that include medical, dental, and vision coverage. Benefit packages commonly include paid vacation days as well. Some spas additionally offer tuition reimbursement and provide employee discounts on spa services.

This course is available on-line.

There is also a CIBTAC Diploma in Salon and Spa Management available at Bali BISA’s cozy Balinese school facilities.

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