15 Days CIBTAC Endorsed Spice Islands Program

CIBTAC Endorsed Spice Islands Program is a couples program custom created by Bali International Spa Academy

Price: $2,200.00

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM

Saturday and Sunday time to enjoy all the splendors Bali has to offer

“The island of the Gods”  

Prerequisite: If you do not have this qualification, please choose one from below.

CIBTAC or VTCT qualification in Anatomy & Physiology NOTE: These are the e-Learning Courses.

You can choose one of the following to be studied in school:

CIBTAC Anatomy & Physiology Duration in School : 10 Days

US 1,360.00

E- Learning CIBTAC Anatomy & Physiology

US 900.00

VTCT Award in Anatomy and Physiology Duration in School: 10 days

US 1,100.00

E learning VTCT Award in Anatomy & Physiology

US 850.00

Body bones, organs and muscles pictorial. Study anatomy and physiology at Bali BISA, Sanur

The Spice Islands Program includes:

  • Spice Islands Massage for Males and Females
  • Tropical Nut Scrub
  • Spice Body Wrap
  • Head Massage
  • Face Massage

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to master the art of Massage Therapy.  No previous experience necessary.

Price includes:

  • Coffee, tea or water
  • Training Manual
  • Clients for your practical sessions
  • CIBTAC Endorsed Certificate and Bali BISA Certificate

Accommodation and Airport pick up available on request

Contact us for more information

Blended Learning: $1540.00 30% Discount

Choose Anatomy & Physiology from above

Practical  In School 10 days In School
Anatomy & Physiology Home Study
Health & Safety Home Study
Power Point presentation. Home Study
Quizzes Home Study
Multiple-choice theory exam. Home Study
Exam Papers In School
Benefits of Spice Island Spa
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  • Detoxification of the body
  • Regeneration of tissue, including burns, wounds and wrinkles
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • Antiseptic actions to relieve conditions such as muscle hypertonus
  • Reducing swelling caused by water retention
  • Boosting the immune system to help prevent illness and disease
  • Removing pathogens and toxins
  • Improving digestion
  • Aiding sleep and relaxation
  • Improving body shape
  • Supporting faster muscle recovery to aid with exercise
What you will learn
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  • Spice Foot bath for ladies and gentlemen
  • Spice Island Massages for ladies and gentlemen
  • Spice Body Scrub for a ladies ( covered with blanket)
  • Spice Body Wraps for gentlemen (covered with blanket)
  • Spice Face & Head Massage for both
  • Spice Bath for both
  • Spice Body Lotion Application for both
  • Health and safety
  • Client care, communication and preparation.
  • Contra Indications
  • Aftercare

Career paths:  Health Wellness & Medical Centers, Spa’s Cruise Ships,

The CIBTAC Spice Islands program which is endorsed by CIBTAC is a couples program custom created by the Bali International Spa Academy, Massage School and Beauty Training Institute.  It incorporates the spices grown around the Indonesian archipelago, as well as its myriad regional wellness techniques. This will give spa and massage therapists a unique advantage by understanding the application of therapeutic spices.  What better place to embark on an intriguing journey of discovery than the Indonesian archipelago, the original “Spice Islands’, which is so rich in history and culture.

This course is also offered as a 15 days Bali BISA course.


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