Hot and Cold Stone Massage – Learn this Holistic Practice at Bali BISA


Although a hot and cold stone massage may sound painful, in actuality it is deeply relaxing with powerful healing capabilities as proven by its use by many diverse cultures over centuries. The warm stones are placed in strategic locations along meridian lines to release energy blocks. When used to massage the body the penetrating heat brings about a totally tranquil state. Alternating with the cold marble stones, the body takes in more oxygen and nutrients, so it is great for detoxification. It is also wonderful for working at a deeper level into muscles that are especially tight or sore.

Bali’s famous Mount Agung is considered by the Balinese people to be the “Mother Mountain”. They believe she balances and grounds their lives to bring harmony. The basalt stones used in this massage course come from the rivers and streams surrounding Mount Agung.

If you wish to learn the application of warm stones only, click here for course details.

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