Foot Reflexology


Millions of people worldwide regularly have foot reflexology sessions to contribute to their internal health as it is believed that areas of the foot correspond to organs, bones and body systems. Reflexology teaches that a vital energy or life force, circulates between the organs of the body, permeating every living cell and tissue. If this energy becomes blocked, the part of the body relating to the blockage is affected. Energy blocks in the human body are reflected on the hands and feet in one or more of the zones located there. By using specific pressure techniques, they can be detected through the experience of pain, or through the presence of gritty areas, often referred to as crystal deposits. These occur in the part of the foot or hand that relates to the part of the body that is imbalanced. The pressure and massage techniques taught in reflexology are designed to dissipate energy blocks, and break down crystalline structure.

Through stimulation of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and by encouraging the release of toxins, reflexology promotes the body to heal itself. Apart from treating disease, reflexology is an extremely effective therapy in cases of stress, tension and tiredness.

It can be quite daunting when students initially review the zone map of the foot’s reflex points, but there is sufficient time for both theoretical studies and practices. Due to the complexity, only the foot is covered in this course which is sufficient for entry level practitioners as it is widely believed that the feet are the most sensitive and responsive.

This five day course can be combined with the five day hand reflexology course.

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