Wondering if Massage is Beneficial to Your Health? These Studies Prove It

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While many eastern and alternative medical practitioners have known about the benefits of massage for centuries, those in the world of western medicine are just now coming around to the idea of massage as a valid form of health practice. As it turns out, dozens of studies have been completed that prove the effectiveness of massage for improving not only the relaxation of the mind, but also the body’s practical ability to heal itself.

Here are some of our favorite ways that massage therapy has been proven to offer health benefits and help you live a more active lifestyle:

Relieve Symptoms of Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Several studies have been shown to indicate that pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety related to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic musculoskeletal pain, and other conditions can be lessened by the application of massage therapy.

Promote Healthy Sleep Patterns

Sleep problems can affect entire lives because a person who does not get enough rest can never function at their highest capacity. Insomnia and interrupted sleep can be caused by a number of life issues including stress, chronic pain, restless leg syndrome (RLS), menopause, depression, or even a lack of serotonin. The benefits of massage therapy have been proven to effectively promote sleep for a variety of patients with various problems.

Hormone Imbalance in Women

Whether related to an irregular menstrual cycle, recent childbirth, or even menopause, hormone imbalance can bring about a significant number of difficulties and health related problems for women. Massage therapy stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to relieve blockage and promote healthier production of hormones as well as flushing of toxins.

Relief from Cancer Treatment Symptoms

Cancer is one of the most difficult diseases a person has to face in their lives. As treatments become more effective, many more people are battling cancer—and winning! Even so, cancer and its treatments can take their toll on your health, but massage therapy can work to relieve related symptoms such as fatigue, and nausea related to chemotherapy.

Improved Mental Health

In our fast paced world, stress and anxiety can create serious problems with the way that our brains function. The relaxation and physical improvement provided by massage offers an increased ability for brains to function well. Not only does it help to minimize depression and anxiety, but massage therapy can also help to improve brain functions such as memory and ability to study well.

Pregnancy Symptoms and Post-Partum Relief

Having a baby is one of the most rewarding and difficult things in a woman’s life! And massage therapy can be an extremely helpful tool in overcoming pain, stress, sleeplessness, hormone issues, and other symptoms related to pregnancy and post-partum issues.

Increased Immune System Function

The ability to fight off disease is  a critical part of keeping your body healthy. Massage therapy helps your body to fight off diseases by promoting the function of the immune system to keep you healthy. Even orphaned children in third world countries were able to fight off diseases more effectively with daily massage intervention.

Mental Health and Physical Health in Children and Babies

The health of our children is of vital importance, and any natural healing methods we can use to help them are welcome! Whether increasing healthy weight in premature babies or reducing anxiety in children and adolescents, massage is not a treatment that should only be reserved for adults.

Reduction in Neck, Back, and Muscle Pain

In one of the most common uses of massage therapy, physical pain in the musculoskeletal systems are often improved with the use of massage therapy. Massage works to reduce tension, promote healing from injury, and strengthen the body for better athletic performance.

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