What Can Massage Therapists Do If your Spa/Salon has not Re-opened Yet

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As a massage therapist, you are used to leading a very active work life where you deliver joy, and sometimes physical relief to so many people.  Thus, it may seem challenging to be on your own or with family if you are not back to work yet.  It is important though to find the silver linings during this time.  After all it can bring a lot of ‘me time’ which you usually cannot enjoy when busy working.

Here are some ideas to keep you active, fulfilled and completely ready when your spa, wellness centre or own business reopens.

1. Most importantly, take care of yourself.

  • Start your day with a few yoga stretches. See how BISA trainer, Rini, kick starts her morning in her own backyard here.
  • When you are feeling a little bit anxious about the future, try some mindfulness meditation. Follow these guidelines from The Mindful Movement. Or just bring on the silliness by keeping humour a major part of your household. Need inspiration? Well there are bucket loads of hilarious videos of people doing crazy things while at home.
  • If it is difficult to self-motivate your journey to strengthen or maintain your level of fitness, then follow an exercise video on YouTube. Whatever form of workout you choose, remember as a massage therapist you want to build up strength in your core, back, shoulders arms and wrists.  If you have a foam roller, use it regularly.

2. Expand your career knowledge and skill set

  • Many people have it on their bucket list to learn a new massage technique, whether it is widely offered or something a bit wacky. There are many excellent online courses with personalized feedback sessions with seasoned professionals, including Bali BISA with many learning opportunities.
  • Even though you can’t visit Bali now due to travel restrictions, you can conjure images of its beauty while learning Balinese Massage. This is now quite popular around the world and provides an opportunity to practice 12 different bodywork techniques. Refresh your knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Look out for our own BISA QUIZ to assess your current level of competence.

3. If your country requires proof of continued learning to renew your license, then this is the ideal time to get ahead rather than waiting till the last minute.

  • Use the time to catch up on CPD points.
  • Take an anatomy refresher course.
  • Watch massage related videos on new techniques you’ve been curious about.
  • Take online CPD courses to get those done for the year. No scrambling at the last minute for you!

 4. Catch up on matters you’ve been procrastinating about

  • Do all the things around your home that you have thought about, but not yet actioned.
  • Gather up all the things you no longer need or use, and donate them to a reputable charity serving those less fortunate.
  • There is often a lot of paperwork still unattended to, for example taxes or if you work independently updated an income and expense summary. Grin and bear it, but get it done.
  • Work out your mileage (if you’re a mobile massage therapist).
  • Make sure all of your client notes are complete and filed properly.
  • Log your expenses.

5. Experiment with spa services for self-care or future business opportunities

  • Create some new sprays using your essential oils. Essential oils are used in Aromatherapy Massage, so check out my blog about the best fragrance choices for spring.  Even though we can’t enjoy spring time like last year, you can still bring springtime into your home.
  • Practice manicure and pedicures on yourself and family. Try out more decorative nail skills with colorful designs.  Who cares if you are not dressing to impress these days!  You will still feel better for it.

6. Take time to reflect on your accomplishments and set goals

  • Consider all that you’ve achieved as a massage therapist. Give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t stop stepping up your short and long term goals, personally and professionally.

7. Share the love and care

  • Why not become a foster parent? If you do not wish to take on a child, our four legged friends currently live in pounds who would love the warmth of constant companionship.  And they give you an excuse for walk or two each day as long as you still adhere to the 6 feet social distancing rule. My dogs are keeping me fit, healthy and happy as you can see from my walk through my nearby mangrove forest.

8. Practice mindfulness meditation.

  • Meditation is great for stress, and lowering your stress is good for your immune system. You can find apps or videos online to guide you through and help you learn how to meditate.
  • Always wanted to take up a new hobby? What are you waiting for?

9. Watch some YouTube videos to learn how to do facials; practice on yourself.

  • Want to add a new way of up selling your clients? Learn how to give facials and get better at those face massages so you’ll have more earning opportunities with your new skill.

10. Practice some deep breathing.

  • Breathing can help with many different kinds of stress. This is a good time to learn some deep breathing techniques.

11. Catch up on your sleep!

Getting enough sleep is an important part of staying healthy both mentally and physically.

If your therapists need to refresh their skill on massage, feel free to contact us to info@balibisa.com. Wishing you a wonderful day!