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Touch and Massage in the Health Care Field

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What is the Value of Touch in the Healthcare Profession

Touch6Holistic care in the healthcare industry means looking after the whole person. Every healthcare practitioner, specifically nurses and midwives, who use their hands to calm, relax, rebalance and / or connect with their client, brings a holistic focus to their care. Using their hands as a healing tool has been practised for thousands of years throughout the world and it remains just as relevant to therapeutic practice today as it has throughout the ages.

 Why Wellness Inspires Wellness
Health and Touch in the Health Care Industry

Nursing Hands – Healing Hands – Healing Nurses

Wellbeing as a concept for the giver and the receiver is equally important in the establishment and maintenance of health. Massage, and the art and craft of wellbeing are so closely aligned that the learning and practice, and the giving and receiving of same brings about postive outcomes for the entire health care industry.

All forms of touch and massage which focus on holistic care and are part of healthy living for both the client and the practitioner ultimately brings about positive rewards. Investing in all wellbeing activities for which touch and massage are the foundation ensures not only a healthy day to day experience, but promotes future benefits.

Touch2The Art and Craft of Wellness in the Health Care Field

Nurses, midwives and healthcare workers who understand the benefits of self-care, and practise the art and craft of giving through their hands, bring health and wellbeing to all healthcare environments, themselves and their peers. Healthcare environments can be quite stressful – and just by touching, calmness can be established. It is never a waste of time to establish a positive relationship through touch.

Moving from Theory to Reality

With this philosophy in mind I developed the workshop series Massage and the Art and Craft of Wellbeing jointly with Bali BISA’s founder, Penny Ellis and delivered it with the support of Bali BISA staff in their Sanur. Bali premises in September 2014.

Angeline2-300x197The 2014 program was 5 days and covered the following mix of essential and elective topics:
• Massage in Nursing – an Introduction
• Massage in Midwifery Care – an Introduction
• The Art and Craft of Wellbeing
• Baby Massage
• Massage for Palliative Care and/or Relaxation
• Reflexology in Health
• Shiatsu and Acupressure
• Quantum Touch and Kinesiology

Accreditation: Every nurse, midwife, carer or massage therapist was awarded 6 CPD hours per workshop. Both the workshops and travel costs were tax deductible for Australian healthcare workers.

Nurses-Healing is planning to repeat the workshops at Bali BISA around the same time in 2015. Details will be posted shortly at  the Bali BISA and Nurses-Healing websites.

“Your wellbeing is the greatest gift to bring into your workplace”

by Angeline von Doussa

Founder: www.nurses-healing.com

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