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The Many Faces of Balinese Massage

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Not unexpectedly, Bali BISA’s most popular course is their five-day Balinese Massage module.  This is due to many diverse factors;

  • People often prefer to learn a unique massage modality in the place it originated and what more magical place to study than Bali, the “Island of the Gods”.
  • Balinese Massage is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Just its name conjures up exotic images for recipients, making therapists with credentials in high demand.
  • The massage uses 12 strokes, so in one 5-day course students master numerous techniques that are applicable in other massage modalities.
  • It is considered both a therapeutic and relaxation massage, so has wide appeal.
  • There is the option to extend the Bali BISA course in order to receive CIBTAC Endorsed certification, an accreditation which will open even more career doors.

BISA students select the module on its own or as part of a portfolio of learning. Their reasons for choosing Balinese Massage are as varied as the countries they come from.  Here is a sampling of recent  student stories.


Sheree Ellis
New Zealand Police Officer, Sheree, doesn’t wish to give massages instead of arrests, but she does understand the power of a caring hand in a time of need.  She studied Balinese Massage to give back to the friends and family that regularly support her in her very tough day job.

Esther Irene Fisher
A well deserved holiday break after completing a Masters Degree at London’s International School and a few ultra-relaxing massages in Bali, led this big hearted lady to master Bali’s magic touch in order to provide the same indulgence to her friends and family back home.

Kyra Fay
Insightful Canadian art student, Kyra, saw powerful and unique artistic values in Balinese Massage during her stay in Bali which was aimed at digging deeply into the island’s rich Hindu culture, rituals and traditions.  Everything she experienced in Bali will strongly influence her own art.


Sumire Iijima
A Japanese advertising executive eventually set her goals very high.  Sumire migrated to Australia and following two years supporting herself as a waitress decided to shift gears yet again.   Given her out-going personality and the strong demand for spa therapists, Balinese massage training was the perfect platform to embark on her career journey to promote wellness..

Kara Dono
Although teaching is her job in Bali, healing is her passion.  With reiki and now Balinese massage as a foundation,  Kara, will use her skills to motivate women to strive for spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Wayan Sudarta
Balinese villa owner, Wayan, had been offering a massage service for his guests for years, but wished to better manage it.  He felt by personally understanding the dynamics of the massage itself, that he could provide stronger leadership skills and enhance customer relationship building.


Florian Belleney
Ready to hit the road after working in construction and hospitality for many years, Florian studied Balinese Massage as he realized its complexity would allow him to branch out to other methods with this as a base.  Also Balinese Massage would appeal to virtually everyone during his world journey.

Rowena Ide
After 13 years working in a paper company in Fuji, Japan, Filipino, Rowena Ide, decided to offer massage and facials during her global travels before eventually returning to Japan to open a small spa.


Even experienced massage instructors are eager to keep their students challenged!  A 13 year veteran at the London College of Massage, Giovanni chose Balinese Massage to broaden the repertoire of his students.  The response?  Awesome!

Zhana Asenova
Zhana has been working as a massage and beauty therapist in Bulgaria for five years. While on holiday in Bali, she mastered the art of Balinese massage, so that she can add a unique bodywork treatment to her spa menu.

Elizabeth Pender
Scottish lass, Elizabeth, worked as a journalist in Germany and Belgium for 10 years. Her dream now is to teach yoga, and offer her students a revitalizing massage after class. More and more yoga instructors are learning holistic treatments in order to expand their core clientele base.

Laura Bernasconi
Swiss public pool owner, Laura , had a new vision for her life, one that involved the power of touch. She already understood and practiced Energy Therapy, but wanted to expand her expertise thru Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Balinese Massage, both endorsed  by CIBTAC. She is now ready to give her swimmers an extra special treat post-workout. A winning combination!


Fouzia Bitam and Sandrine Mercoli
Fouzia and Sandrine, two French friends from totally different backgrounds decided to enroll in BISA’s Balinese Massage course as they shared a passion for body work. They are both now on a shared career path as spa and massage therapists.

Andrea and Dennis
Andrea and Dennis have never been content to offer the same treatments to their loyal German clientele base. They thought what more exotic bodywork than Balinese Massage in the midst of a cold and rainy German winter.

Akiko Shibuya, Kimiko Higuma and Yuki Kanamouri
Three Japanese nationals who own a New Zealand resort wished to open their open spa.  They felt Balinese massage would be a great start, and enjoyed learning together given their strong day-to-day working relationship.

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