Sya Hidah with certificate at BISA Massage School

A Student’s View – Syahidah at Bali BISA

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Sya HidahI found Bali BISA since a long time ago as my friend told me about it. Actually I just ignored it, but I was a a bit curious also and then one day I told my friend what will you do on your vacation. She said she was not doing anything and then I told her why don’t you get CIBTAC training in anatomy and physiology as it is the most important part of a spa job. My friend said find for me the good school and then I was thinking if you go to another country then it will be expensive and there will be a lot of expenses involved to stay there. I told my friend that at Bali BISA there is Anatomy and Physiology with CIBTAC.

And then she was the student of Bali BISA two years ago. When I asked about the experience she said it was good and nice. I was wondering, so I checked what type of treatment they have and I choose sports massage. At first I was not sure what to do as I have a small body, but thought why not try it so I have more experience.

Slimming Massage at Bali BISAThe trainers here enouraged me and said that it is not about the size of the body. They said it was more about how to find the problems in the body.

I was a spa therapist for Mandara, but just had learned the basics. I am not sure where I will work now, maybe return to Lombok to help my friends open a spa.

I was very happy with the food in Bali and the environment in Sanur.

It was a very nice experience for me.

Sya Hidah , Indonesia

Ida studied Sports Massage (H122) from Sept 15 – 19, 2014

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