Skin Care for Chemotherapy Patients.

Oncology Aesthetics and Spa Treatments Improve Overall Well-being

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One of the major drawbacks of cancer treatment is how unpleasant it can be. Radiation and chemotherapy can affect normal cells, including skin, hair and nails. As a result, treatments may cause a range of debilitating side effects, such as:

• An inability to feel heat
• A hypersensitivity to various products or specific ingredients
• Dry skin
• Brittle nails
• Hair loss

Because these physical side effects take a toll on a patient’s body, they often diminish self-esteem. While keeping a positive attitude is important in the fight against cancer, it is difficult when you feel ill and your appearance continually reminds you of your health challenges. Feelings of stress and depression as well as a lack of control may arise when you are reminded of the disease whenever you look at your hands or face in the mirror.

Chemotherapy Damage to the Skin

Maintaining your physical appearance can help boost your self-esteem and quality of life. You may feel more in control, which is essential to keeping a positive attitude. In light of the importance of skin care and its relationship to the overall health of people afflicted with mesothelioma, spas around the country welcome patients undergoing cancer treatment. These spas offer a variety of treatments in comfortable surroundings.

Designed to mitigate the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy, the treatments hydrate the body, remove toxins and help enhance feelings of well-being. The sessions also reduce stress, encourage relaxation and improve sleep. Many spas have staff members with expertise in the unique issues created by oncology treatments. The therapists can tailor treatments to individual needs. Therapy sessions may include:

Aromatherapy oils from fruit used in Aromatherapy massage


• Aromatherapy
• Hydrating facials
• Light therapy to fight inflammation
• Reflexology to reduce pain, anxiety and depression while boosting energy levels

Many patients benefit from ancillary services offered at these full-service spas. In addition to performing manicures and haircuts, the spa may provide assistance with wigs and makeup.

Consult with your doctor to determine if spa treatments will complement your overall care. If your physician approves your participation, choose a spa that uses products suitable for oncology patients. These gentle products usually contain the fewest ingredients possible. While avoiding perfumes, alcohol and dyes, the therapists use holistic ingredients like aloe vera, lavender and vitamin E to lessen the potential for irritation. Because patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment are more susceptible to infections, you should choose a spa that makes cleanliness a top priority.

Catering to sufferers and survivors, oncology aesthetics and spa treatments help provide a healthy appearance that will boost your self-esteem and enhance your overall quality of life. When you look good, you will feel good. Spa treatments can alleviate or minimize some of the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy by helping your body deal more effectively with the treatments recommended by your medical team.

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