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A Match Made In Holistic Heaven

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Crystals and Warm Stones, a course endorsed by CIBTAC

Holistic healers and switched-on spa therapists have long been aware of the potential benefits of these two techniques, but very few practitioners have combined them to date. Actually, the application of crystals and stones both have their roots in ancient civilizations, but with the advent of modern medicine these practices were often shelved until recently. Recently though, there has been an upsurge of people wishing to be treated as an entire person – physically, emotionally and spiritually – versus having only their symptoms / ailments treated one at a time as typically carried out by Western medical and health professionals. This factor combined with a focus on prevention is what is making the holistic approach to wellness so popular today.

Both the warm stones and the crystals create a more synergistic flow of energy between each of the seven chakras. The outcome is more ease and grace in daily life. They can truly be an antidote to the stress and rapidly declining environmental conditions faced by contemporary society.

Even If you have no or limited experience with either modality you can learn how to deliver a powerful one to two hour treatment at the award-winning Bali International Spa Academy and Massage Training School in Sanur, Bali. And at the same time you can enjoy Bali’s magnificent scenery, unique culture and some of the best spas in the world.

This course is offered with either Bali BISA certification or CIBTAC endorsement. If you choose the BISA course endorsed by CIBTAC, take advantage of our Early Bird Discount program where you can save up to 20% on all CIBTAC Endorsed courses.


According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the value of the wellness market is now US$3.7 trillion, representing a whopping 5% of the global economy and half of all health expenditures.  Whether you wish to offer these services from your own home or join a spa or holistic clinic, you will be assured that customer numbers will grow with the knowledge gained during the two week course.

Most importantly you will have an opportunity to genuinely help people feel more relaxed and confident, and hopefully reduce any pain or anxiety they are feeling.

Everyone appreciates how wonderful heat can feel on the body, especially on sore muscles. Any tension you are carrying just seems to melt away. So imagine them used in conjunction with an indulgent massage!

Basalt stones from volcanic lava are used in warm stone massage due to their heat retention properties. We are fortunate in Bali that our stones come from the rivers and streams surrounding Bali’s most sacred mountain, Mount Agung. This gives them a particularly strong ability to balance and ground individuals versus normal stones.

Once warmed to a comfortable temperature, a therapist arranges the stones by size and shape along energy lines.

Some are then used to deeply massage muscle tissues and joints with the heat penetrating more intensely than if a therapist only used their hands. It is often said that one stroke with a heated stone is equivalent to ten normal massage strokes!

The warmth stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems to intensify detoxification of toxins, and revitalizes the immune system. The miniscule crystals inside the stones emit energy, as well as polarizes imbalances to leave clients uplifted and refreshed. These healing and rejuvenation qualities have led to a re-discovery of this ancient form of bodywork amongst today’s wellness-centric population. If you only want to study stone massage, there are several course options at our Bali BISA school of massage and complementary therapies.

Bali BISA 5-day Warm Stone Massage

CIBTAC 10-day Diploma in Stone Therapy Massage


Like stones, the use crystals and minerals in the art of healing dates back to the Stone Age. Evidence has been found in the traditions of Shamanism, as well as ancient Egypt and Greece where stones with metaphysical properties were worn or carried.

They affect everybody differently, depending on the type of crystal (s) utilised or worn, but certainly they awaken and revitalize everyone. Conversely, they can also help lead to more peaceful states of meditation.

Crystals are effective because of their energy vibrations. However, each mineral has its own unique qualities known as a crystalline structure or “sacred geometry”. When placed on the body, carried in a pocket or worn as jewellery, they vibrate at a certain rate which is referred to as their spirit or life force. Over time, these vibrational properties are transferred to the person.

Proponents also believe that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out. Although this has never been scientifically validated, there are a growing number of devoted followers and others wishing to try something different as part of their lifestyle management, yet are known to be safe and comfortable.

A major portion of the training is devoted to aligning the crystal in a grid fashion which intensifies and magnifies energy. The aim is to manifest increased healing to the parts of the body which are not in balance. For example, the six-pointed star is the most popular shape as it brings integration and balance, especially to the heart. The Seed of Life design is also frequently utilized as it is representative of the seven stages of creations, and it can be used to amplify your intentions.

Also essential is the relationship between chakras and their matching colours;

  1. Hip/genital area – colour red
  2. Abdomen –  colour gold
  3. Solar Plexus –  colour yellow
  4. Heart –  colour green/pink
  5. Throat –  colour lighter blue
  6. Third Eye –  colour, violet, azurite blue
  7. Crown, – colour white.

As a beginner, one of the simplest ways to help balance the whole chakra system is to place a stone of the appropriate colour on each area. This will give each chakra a boost of its own vibration without altering its energies or the overall harmony of the system.  As your confidence builds, you will be able to use your own creativity with the layouts and apply more complex crystals.

For instance the blue chakra in the neck/throat area is considered the area of creativity and learning. When a client has feelings of an inability to communicate or even address the stalwartness of learning, putting lapis lazuli or turquoise (both blue) on the neck area will connect with that particular chakra area.  For patients seeking spiritual uplifting, amethysts are often used.  They also help with stomach and liver issues.

Another crucial aspect of the training is the programming and use of healing wands for which many different types of healers use to gather and direct energy to focus the crystal’s energy on the specific areas of the body that require the most attention.  Once you are familiar with the diversity of crystals it is a good idea to select several wands that harmonize with your healing intentions.

If you wish to concentrate on crystal healing, then Bali BISA offers a five day course.


Stones and crystals require in-depth knowledge to be used effectively.  If working as a professional, your level of expertise will have to be particularly deep.

As a basic first step, you will learn how to care for and maintain the stones, crystals and wands to maximize their positive impact. A sound foundation in chakras is also essential to place the stones and crystals in the correct alignment. The placement of crystals is especially crucial as the warm stones previously applied have already released a lot of blockages.

To be able to effectively use these skills on customers, instructions on how to elicit vital information during the consultation stage will be provided and rehearsed. This is another critical step as knowledge of their medical history and lifestyle will allow you to select the appropriate tools and methods.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, there is plenty of time for practice with a full set of Balinese basalt stones and 10 different types of crystals.

All materials are supplied during the course, but if you wish to purchase your own stones and / or crystals in Bali we are happy to assist.

For further information, please contact Bali BISA at

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