CIBTAC Balinese Massage course (10 days) at Bali BISA is endorsed by CIBTAC. Differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed

What are the key differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed certifications?

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As one of the pioneers in delivering innovative courses that have been endorsed by CIBTAC, I believe that Bali BISA can speak confidently about the key differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed certifications and why both accreditation programs are so valuable at a time when wellness is on the front-lines of the industry.

An Overview of CIBTAC

CIBTAC stands for the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology; a name that I believe is no longer representative of their role in today’s spa and wellness world. Although their roots are in beauty and spa fields, their training portfolio has kept pace with the demands of an industry noted for rapid-fire technological innovations and rising consumer attention to the achievement of total well-being. This has been enabled by their status as a non-profit where profits are devoted to resource and curriculum development.

Throughout their evolution, the industry has always held their training protocols and assessment process in high regard. CIBTAC graduates are considered ready to perform competently in any setting as soon as they begin working, so they are in high demand by top-end spas, medical spas and wellness centres.

An Overview of CIBTAC Endorsed

CIBTAC Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage course at Bali BISA is endorsed by CIBTAC. Difference between CIBTAC and CIBTAC EndorsedDespite CIBTAC’s growing portfolio of courses, particularly those with a holistic or complementary focus, the industry recognized the need to incentivize, reward and acknowledge excellence and innovation in training, products and equipment. As a spa and wellness training centre featuring many Asian and Indonesian modalities, endorsement from CIBTAC ideally suited our ambitious goals. Our students can now enroll in the course(s) that they are most interested in and still receive CIBTAC certification.

To validate that these courses are delivered professionally with a high degree of competence, only CIBTAC Council members can carry out the exhaustive on-site audits required for endorsement.

Furthermore, a pre-requisite is valid certification in anatomy and physiology. If not the student must pass a BISA, CIBTAC, VTCT or ITEC class at BISA before embarking on their endorsed educational journey. This requirement is crucial to lend complete credibility to the endorsed qualification.

Key Differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed programs

Even though both are under the CIBTAC umbrella they are quite unique in terms of the following aspects;

1. Assessments
A CIBTAC qualification is only earned after a theoretical examination and practical assessment, both undertaken only by an approved CIBTAC examiner. At BISA, we schedule our tests far in enough in advance to allow students to plan their course start dates appropriately.

On the other hand, CIBTAC Endorsed knowledge and technical skills assessments are all completed by myself and my CIBTAC qualified tutors. This allows students to plan their education at virtually any time that is most convenient for them.

This one of the major differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed as it impacts on the students ability to schedule the desired course(s).

2. Course Selection
CIBTAC offers a very broad range of courses for centres to choose from and we have identified those qualifications which match our emphasis on aesthetic treatments, bodywork and wellness solutions. These are generally in high demand by employers and give students a strong foundation in their desired area(s).  See the CIBTAC courses offered at BISA here.

2-day course at Bali BISA in the traditional Balinese Treatments of Balinese Massage and Lulur Body Scrub. Pictures is a demonstration of a Balinese lulur body scrub at Bali BISA. Differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC EndorsedOur courses and programs that have been endorsed by CIBTAC fill the gaps left in CIBTAC’s core offerings. Our most popular endorsed course is Balinese Massage which makes sense given all of our teachers are from Bali and people visiting the island wish to embrace its unique culture in a meaningful way. Students can dive even deeper with our 4-week endorsed course in Balinese traditional spa rituals which covers massage, body scrubs and wraps, facials and creambath hair treatments.

However, we also cover a spectrum of modalities originating in the Asia Pacific area……. Shiatsu from Japan, Ayurveda treatments from India, Lomi Lomi massage from the Hawaiian Islands, Thai massage and foot stick massage from Thailand and our original Spice Islands program from around the Indonesian archipelago. Additionally, we offer programs in maternity care; stone therapy with crystal healing:  slimming massage and techniques; and intuitive massage. All together there are eleven options to satisfy virtually any type of person.

These endorsed courses are perfect for experienced therapists looking for a competitive edge or to attract more clientele. However, many novices wishing to specialize find them a useful chose after comparing the essential differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed accreditation.

3. Employment Qualifications
CIBTAC is officially recognized in over 30 countries with many others accepting it for liability insurance and work visa matters. It is believed that these same nations also acknowledge their endorsed qualifications as well, although regulations can vary. Thus, it is recommended to check the exact requirements with a local or national spa association or the government body which licenses spas. This step is particularly important if you intend to work outside of your home country.

Summary of Differences between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed

We are proud to be the first spa training centre to embrace CIBTAC’s endorsed training program. Over the past several years, students from all sorts of backgrounds with varying career goals have found the endorsed courses extremely rewarding. However, it in no way negates the value of core CIBTAC awards, certificates and diplomas. In fact, they can be very complementary depending on your personal objectives, timing, budget and interest areas.

Certainly choosing an educational route that meets your needs can initially seem daunting. Rest assured that myself and team are here to guide you to the right decision.

Portrait of Penny Ellis, President / Director of Bali International Spa Academy in Sanur, Bali

Penny Ellis
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