Spa Career - fast track you career at the Bali International Spa Academy

How to Fast Track your Spa Career

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Spa Career - fast track you career at the Bali International Spa Academy

When most people begin researching how to launch a spa career in the beauty, bodywork or wellness field, they often start by looking at educational venues close to their home. The same is true for those currently working in the field looking for more spa career opportunities, to broaden their client base or fulfill continuing education licensing requirements.

In both cases the ‘close proximity’’ strategy can initially make a lot of logistical and financial sense. However, you are limiting your options by not considering training spa career resources located further afield.   For example if you live in the United Kingdom, your first idea is likely to be a vocational college or university in commuting range. If you plan on working and studying at the same time, this situation could be ideal as classes are usually only one to two days a week. The downside is that it can take years to earn the desired degree, meaning the loss of valuable years of work experience in your specialty field(s).


Yet, there are very affordable alternatives which will allow you to get your dream job or expand your current spa career prospects much quicker with an added dose of cultural awareness education added in. Why not learn in Asia where many private training schools offer full-time study with internationally recognized certifications such as ITEC, VTCT and CIBTAC?

The Bali International Spa Academy, known as Bali BISA, is one such institute that caters for predominately international students who arrive not just for the quality of spa career training, but for the chance to experience the fascinating cultural rituals on “the Island of the Gods”. An added bonus is that Bali is home to some of the world’s finest spas and wellness centres.

Spa Career at Bali BISA with Balinese TrainersBISA has been able to keep its tuition low since its inception over 10 years ago as it workforce consists entirely of Balinese, with the exception of its President / Director, Penny Ellis. Although staff wages are high by Indonesian standards with a comprehensive benefits scheme, the cost is still low when compared to western countries. Yet, all of the trainers are internationally certified by CIBTAC, ITEC and / or VTCT.

Additionally, the school is located in a residential neighborhood close to the Sanur beachfront, so rent represents a relatively minor portion of the operating budget when compared to learning establishments located in commercial areas. Thus a five day BISA spa career course starts at just $564, including everything except meals, accommodation and transport. These expenses can be kept to a minimum by staying at comfortable homestays nearby, renting a bicycle or motorbike, and eating like a local (not difficult at all as Indonesian food is delicious). Or you can opt for a bit more luxury if your budget permits; including some five star spa pampering. In either case, students, often accompanied by their families, have always had an excellent time in Bali. Just check out our student testimonials.

Thirty day visas are free for citizens of 140 countries and if studying longer BISA will assist with the appropriate visa.  Find out more here.  So it really is easy to live and learn in Bali! We have had students who were with us for 6 to 9 months, and have never regretted their decision to study so far from home.

An approved ITEC, VTCT and CIBTAC Approved Spa Career Training Center in Bali

Bali BISA is an ITEC, VTCT and CIBTAC approved centre, plus offers their own certification program which is highly regarded in the industry. This is the least expensive option as there are no other fees involved in certification. However, it is recommended that you investigate what qualifications are in the highest demand in your desired location of employment and which qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits which are usually required by many countries in order to maintain a license. Generally ITEC is better known in Asia, whereas VTCT and CIBTAC are more European centric.

And the magic of Bali does not start and end with novices; many experienced spa therapists from Indonesia and around the world come to learn new skills and techniques, with Balinese Massage being an obvious favorite. This massage is also offered as a course endorsed by CIBTAC. Learn the difference between CIBTAC and CIBTAC Endorsed programs here.Spa Career - Fast Track VTCT Diploma Management 2

Another popular course is the VTCT Diploma in Spa Management. On average the tuition only will cost £3,300 or US$4,375 in the United Kingdom, and takes from four months to one year to complete on a part-time basis. On the other hand, with all expenses covered, excluding airfares, the same VTCT diploma can be earned in just five days at Bali BISA for US$3,278 (see calculation worksheet based on 7 days to account for travel and relax times). Even though the cost differential is not that significant, study time is much shorter, plus you can enjoy all that Bali has to offer as classes are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm. Plenty of time for a refreshing morning or early evening swim at the Sanur beachfront.

Furthermore BISA intentionally limits each class to a maximum of 6 students, hence allowing the instructor to focus on the individual needs of all students. With students from around the globe, they also learn far more than just spa management principles and practices.

So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of people who have fast tracked their spa careers with intensive, yet fun learning at Bali’s favorite spa career school.

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