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Five Ways to Optimize Spa Reception Productivity to Deliver Predictable Revenue Growth

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First impressions are important in virtually all instances, but particularly so in a spa where customer expectations are already set quite high.  An unpleasant experience at reception on arrival can put the client in a bad mood and no matter how talented the therapist they may not be able to get them to relax and enjoy the session.  Likewise the farewell on check-out can make a huge difference in the feelings that the customer retains from their time at the spa, no matter the duration of the treatments.  Just like after thoroughly enjoying a restaurant meal and then having problems with the bill, an unprofessional closure at a spa’s reception can ruin whatever transpired before the final minutes.


So having a well-trained reception staff with strong customer service attitudes is essential to success.  Even with quality, caring people greeting and fare welling customers, clever spa managers can use them more wisely to increase revenues by promoting gift cards, selling retail products recommended by their therapists and proactively looking for ways to fill the appointment book day after day.  You can’t change yesterday’s revenue, but you can affect tomorrow’s by focusing on five simple growth indicators that reception has the opportunity to greatly influence and will also help to more accurately predict future revenues:

  • New Guests Per Month. Spas need new guests to make up for the existing guests that they might lose. Guest referral programs, word of mouth, advertising and social media help generate new guests.
  • New Guest Retention. Once a spa works so hard to bring in new guests, it is paramount to improve how well you keep them coming back. Focus on pre-booking on the first visit, welcome emails, gift cards, and free product on the next visit, etc.
  • Repeat Guest Retention. Retaining guests who have already shown loyalty, and have been coming in for at least a year or four visits, will increase productivity greatly over time. Don’t let guests go more than 90 days without coming back. Pre-book them so they are more likely to return.
  • Frequency of Visit. Pre-book and attract guests in more often. The easiest way to grow without spending money is to simply get your loyal clients to come in more often.
  • Average Ticket. Increase the average money spent per guest—upsell, cross-sell, and recommend other services, etc.

Spa Reception

What might a strategy for reception look like? Here’s a brief sample below:

MONDAY: New Guest Retention

  1. Mail out welcome cards and send emails to all new guests from the previous week.
  2. Review each guest from last week to ensure that they have an appointment on the book and if not, make that call.
  3. Send out $10 gift cards that can be redeemed by the recipient during their next visit.

TUESDAY: Frequency of Visit

  1. Review pre-book percentages from last week, identify top staff members who pre-booked and celebrate their efforts.
  2. Check for guests who are due in this week who have no appointment booked. Begin with guests who get chemical treatments first, as they are the most loyal and will generally have the highest tickets.

WEDNESDAY: Repeat Guest Retention

  1. Identify any guest who has not been in within the last 90 days, has had at least 2 appointments at the spa, and know what service they generally receive PRIOR to calling or emailing them. Also, know what openings you have this week or next for that service so that you can give the guest options immediately and professionally.

finance15These are just some examples. Using client loyalty systems within your spa software can help build up retention and average ticket as well. Embrace the growth indicators and create a system that increases your business’s bottom line by utilizing the people at reception.  Make a commitment to create a strategy so there is no downtime at reception, and the results will be tangible within 90 days.


Based on an article from The Business Side of Beauty.  Infographic compliments of Milleniumspasalon.com

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