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Expert Skin Advice for Males

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Spa Director Sundaran Inn & Spa Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

My best tip for men is to buy products appropriate for their skin—so many guys use body wash or shampoo as a facial cleanser and then wonder why their skin is dry. Their skin’s biological makeup is different from a woman’s: Men’s skin is thicker but with smaller pores, so they need products with smaller molecular ingredients to penetrate the skin. They really should choose their products wisely. I also discuss the importance of daily wellness with male clientele—aspects such as a healthy diet, proper exercise regimen, the correct amount of sleep, and the avoidance of tobacco and excessive amounts of alcohol. In addition, a regular spa treatment—whether it’s a massage, facial or nail service—builds on that base of wellness.Jonh Morris

Founder and CEO 4HandsMensWellness.com, Oklahoma City

The most common recommendation we give our male clients is to incorporate a consistent exfoliation regimen into their grooming habits. Many of them have already grasped the basics of cleansing and moisturizing their skin; I encourage them to take it a step further by adding exfoliation, as it makes their skin better able to absorb the products they use. Also, all skin types need sun protection—I tell my male clients that their facial moisturizer should always contain an SPF.Ben Grunewald-Burfict

Founder and President Stella Nova Spa Salons,
Mt Pleasant and Charleston, South Carolina

In short: Shave kindly, hydrate your body, moisturize your face and wear sunscreen daily. I always offer male clients a thorough shaving consultation—especially if I see signs of redness and irritation—and of course advise them to drink plenty of water! In addition, I have them wear a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer with at least SPF 15. I remind them that, as we’re in the sunny South, daily sun protection is the best defense against aging. And if I can get them to start using an eye cream, all the better!Peter Evans
The original article is from Day Spa Magazine, March 2017 edition.

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