Thai Massage with Herbal Pack & Thai Foot Stick Massage

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Rp. 270.000

Duration :

90 Minutes

Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Foot Stick Massage are an excellent combination to treat the whole body.

Thai Massage with Herbal Pack (known as the lazy man’s yoga) Yoga is generally accepted as being an effective way of remaining healthy and flexible. Receiving Thai Body Work is used as a healing treatment for chronic pain, stiffness and loss of flexibility. Combined into this healing therapy is also the practice of mindfulness, awareness, loving kindness, and compassion.

Thai Bodywork enables us to press muscles and to balance energy levels. This aids flexibility and equalizes the muscles on both sides of the body. The amount of movement a muscle can produce at a joint is determined by the difference between its lengths when relaxed and when fully contracted. When muscles are tense, they become shorter, even when you are not consciously contracting them. This can happen through overworking them, or it could be due to emotional tension. Whatever the cause may be, the end result is, progressively more restricted movement and the onset of stiffness, aches and pains. Muscles that shorten and become tense can create uneven forces of the spine – that all important container of the spinal cord. This, in turn creates back pain, neck pain and headaches that can also easily become a regular feature of daily life. With its unique ability to stretch all of the most important muscles in the body systematically. Thai manipulations enable you to achieve the effects which unlike those of any other bodywork. Thai bodywork underpins health and well-being and balance.

Thai foot stick massage balances the elements of the mind and body, working on the meridian lines and reflex points. Which stimulate the internal organs, giving our clients a completely rounded holistic treatment. The points are similar with reflexology points which reflect the entire organs in our body.

Just about everyone, from tiny babies to the very elderly, can benefit from reflex points. It is important to understand that Thai foot stick massage  is not just for helping sick people become well, it is also about maintaining health and keeping the body in the best possible condition.

The Thai Massage methods focus on vital energy circulation within the body.

Benefits:  Improves circulation, Removes toxins from the body, Boosts the immune system, Reduces stiffness Increases range of motion, Accelerates healing. Elevates mood Improves concentration and clarity of mind Creates feelings of tranquility, calmness, and well-being.

Thai foot stick massage for Children and Teenagers:  Young children with colic, digestive, ear, nose and throat infections respond well after reflexology. This treatment is extremely effective, although sometimes children struggle to sit for a long treatment. During puberty, and particularly during menstruation, pressure point treatments can bring relief from pain. It is also highly recommended for promoting mental relaxation through the stresses of examination time.


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