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Rp. 180.000 – Rp. 270.000

Duration :

60 Minutes


It Must Be Noted This Treatment Is Excellent For Any Client Who Leads An Active Life Style.

If You Don’t Lead An Active Life Style This Treatment Will Still Help To Keep You Fit And Healthy

Your Internationally qualified practitioner in Sport Therapy, after a full diagnosis and consultation will create a treatment plan just for you. Included in this plan may be: Specific  Massage techniques. Hot & cold stones. G5, Audio Sonic. Infra-Red

Recommended Appointment Schedule for best results, weekly or fortnightly are recommended depending on your needs.

The Goal of all Sports Massage is to maximize athletic performance. Athletes in different sports will concentrate the massage on different parts of the body. Sports massage appeared in earlier periods of history. The ancient Greeks and Romans combined massage and exercise in their athletic training. Sports massage is a generic term for three different types of massage associated with athletic performance. Each type of massage has its own benefits and uses different techniques.

Pre-Event Sports Massage: Pre-event massage is given shortly before an athlete competes. It consists mainly of BRISK EFFLEURAGE to stimulate and warm the muscles and PETRISSAGE to help muscles move fluidly and to reduce muscle tension. Effleurage is generally a relaxing stroke, but when done briskly it is stimulating. As the massage progresses, the pressure increases as your practitioner uses percussive strokes and cupping to stimulate the muscles to contract and flex. The part of the body being massaged varies from sport to sport, although leg and back muscles are common targets for this type of massage.

Post-Event Sports Massage: Post-event massage is usually given 1–2 hours after the competition is over in order to give dilated blood vessels a chance to return to their normal condition. Post-event massage is light and gentle in order not to damage already stressed muscles. The goal is to speed up removal of toxic waste products and reduce swelling. Very light effleurage will decrease swelling while light Petrissage will help clear away toxins and relieve tense, stiff muscles. Post-event massage can be self-administered on some parts of the body, such as the legs.

Maintenance Sports Massage: is done at least once a week as a regular part of athletic training programs, Maintenance massage increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles. It also keeps the tissues loose so that different layers of muscle slide easily over each other. Maintenance sports massage also helps reduce the development of scar tissue while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Maintenance sports massage is performed at least once a week while the athlete is in training. It is frequently administered to the back and legs. Deep effleurage and Petrissage are used to relax and tone knotted muscles.

General Massage Techniques

Each type of sports massage uses different massage techniques. There are variations on all these strokes, such as deep cross-fiber friction to separate muscle fibers and break down scar tissue, and manipulation to relieve muscle tension. You are in excellent hands with our Your Internationally qualified practitioner. A good sports massage therapist will combine techniques to achieve the maximum desired result. Sports massage sessions generally last 60-90 minutes.


Muscle tension: During periods of stress on the body your muscles can create trigger points and tension. Having regular massages can optimise your tissue pliability, which in turn can reduce injuries and improve mobility.

Supports good posture: We can all spend long times at our desks however this posture can cause muscles to shorten and pull your joints into positions which over time can reduce function and increase chances of over-use and repetitive strain injuries. Sports massage can help to release these muscles and is a great way to counteract the negative affect working at a desk has does to your posture.

Reduce pain: Massage and soft tissue can be used alongside physiotherapy intervention to help reduce pain produced by injury. There has been a variety of research demonstrating the positive impact of massage on pain levels in lower back and shoulder pain when combined with exercises and manual therapy techniques.

Assist with recovery: If you have trained a muscle group to help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), massage may help recovery by increasing circulation to the area massaged and helping to flush out the toxins that build up during exercises. This can help improve your recovery and leave you better able to optimise your training in the following days.

Psychological Benefits: Increase mental alertness (invigorating massage) Enhanced mental relaxation Reduce anxiety Improve mood Distract and soothe the mind Enhance general sense of wellbeing.


Adding Hot and Cold stones to a Sports Massage has very strong benefits. . Your practitioner will use these if she decides they are required.

Added Benefits: reduces tension enabling your practitioner to work more deeply and effectively. It also increases the flow of new blood and oxygen to the area, facilitating faster healing and effective relief of chronic pain conditions.

Cold stones are highly effective in reducing swelling and inflammation. Alternating Hot and Cold stones can also be used for rehabilitation. The hot stones expand the blood vessels and the cold ones constrict them. The warm stones sedate the nervous system and the cooler stones gently wake it up again.

Sports Massage is an excellent treatment for other clients:  Your circulation. Releases stored tension. Recharges your energy levels, Relaxation,  Muscular pain Rheumatic and arthritic conditions Fibromyalgia Multiple sclerosis (MS) Back pain Stress Insomnia  Depression.


The G5 is a gyratory massager which employs modern technology to enhance mechanical massage techniques. Most injuries repair with scar tissue (immature fibrocytes) if you continue training normally whilst injured you will break the scar tissue down as it is forming, this will then lead to the formation of more scar tissue so the injury will drag on. Fibrocytes are soft tissues which have become fibrous and possibly bound together, which in turn are easy to damage, meaning, the area is more prone to re-injure.

A powerful deep tissue massage that works deeper than your practitioner can. The G5 massager stimulates deep blood flow and can be used on areas that may be too tender or painful for a deep manual massage. Helps increase endorphin release thus helping you to feel great too. It works on breaking down fatty deposits, cellulite and dispersing this through lymphatic drainage. It can breakdown stubborn fat in the thighs, bottom and stomach will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Leaving you feeling slimmer, toned and more supple. A regular course of treatment is recommended for best results.


Soft Tissue Injuries – Maintain mobility within the tissue structures of ligaments, tendons, and muscles to reduce atrophy and adherent scars. Spasms – Relaxes muscles which allows for manual or mechanical manipulation of the area. Pressure Sores – Increases surface circulation which reduces arterial degeneration. Massage assets in reducing the height of bony protrusions by relaxing the muscles surrounding the bone. General Physiotherapy, Inc.’s exclusive Directional-Stroking technology allows you to transport away toxic tissue fluid as you safely treat the perimeter around pressure ulcers. Reduces Edema – Increases circulation by means of the generation of heat; assists in mobilizing edema fluids from an area; restores mobility. Increased Circulation – Higher frequency vibration causes vasal dilation resulting in increased blood flow. This brings nutrients and oxygen to localized areas. Point Therapy – Relieves the tension build-up or muscle contraction of the hypersensitive area that can evoke pain elsewhere in the body when stimulated. Lymphatic Drainage – Provides detoxification of lymphatic systems by mobilizing lymphatic fluids and draining excess tissue fluids.Continuous Passive Motion – Massage increases range-of-motion by reducing edema and relaxing muscle swelling that can occur during inactivity. Higher frequency vibration releases endorphins, which result in an analgesic effect to an area of treatment.


Increased permeability of the skin, allowing deep penetration of the active ingredients of body care creams and oils. Assistance in mobilization of fluids in the underlying tissues, due to the effect of Directional- Stroking. Easy penetration and fluid mobilization, increase fluid exchanges and oxygenation result from Directional-Stroking Decongestive action, and fibrosis action and adherence reduction action. The effect produces a highly effective drainage and detoxification through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The natural effect of vibratory waves causes increased friction of the skin which leads to a rise in temperature. This elevation of temperature (also called hyperthermia) increases the receptivity of the skin, stimulates the peripheral capillary circulation, and softens tepidermis. Vibrations have a trophic action: Stimulation of the cells of the epidermis and the structures of the dermis-skin revitalization. Vibratory waves also have an effect on muscles: Low vibrations create a relaxing and toning action on muscles and a general muscular rest; vibrations also help keep the muscles toned. Vibratory waves have effects on the central nervous system. They stimulate the sensitive cells in the skin, its underlying tissues, and sensitive receptors localized in the muscles. They reduce pain and create a general feeling of well-being. Vibrotherapy is an effective relaxing technique that cane combined with massage techniques such as shiatsu, acupressure, Swedish massage, etc. Vibratory waves can also improve blood circulation: Vibrations applied with deep glide and smooth pressure create a deep and superficial drainage of the body fluids. They not only contribute to detoxification- removal of waste by-products, but also to the oxygenation of tissues. Mobilization and fluid mobilization reinforce this drainage motion.

The muscular system is improved by fresh interchange of blood through the tissue, but vibrations do not excite the muscle fibers to bring about a contraction. It produces a skin toning effect, both by improved nutrition to the skin’s dermal layer and by increasing desquamation (peel off remove layer of skin).

Tense muscle fibers are relaxed and muscular pain relieved. Established fatty deposits are made more available to the general circulation and lymphatic systems, to be used up by the body when on a reduced food intake.

Vibratory treatment can be extremely relaxing if combined with heat therapy and the more active stimulatory elements are excluded.  Gyratory vibrators penetrate into the subcutaneous and cutaneous layers of the tissues, having their greatest effect on the skin’s surface. Bony areas should be avoided to prevent pain.

AUDIO- SONIC is a hand-held electrical massage treatment, which is only suitable for treatment on localised areas.. An electromagnet is used in Audio – sonic, the current flows in one direction and then the other, causing a coil of the electromagnet to move back and forth. Movement passes to the head of the machine and when applied to the skin, it transmits to the tissues as a vibration. Audio-sonic produces sound waves which are between 100–10,000 hertz. The sound waves vibrate through skin’s cells and tissues, with the vibrations travelling approximately 5cm into the skin without causing damage. The depth of the sound waves that create the vibrations can be increased or decreased, affecting the depth they travel to the tissues. The sound waves cause the nodules to be shaken, therefore causing compression and decompression of the soft tissues. During compression the cells press together which moves tissue fluid. During decompression of the tissues, fresh blood circulates, allowing for fresh oxygen and nutrients. As no friction occurs, it is an ideal treatment for sensitive areas or hypersensitive skin


Audio-sonic is used for the specific effect of relieving tension in tense contracted muscles. Cellular activity is increased. Increased removal of waste products and toxins through the cell wall during compression. Increased nourishment to the area as nutrients are drawn into the cell during decompression which starts the therapeutic healing process. Hormones within the tissue are stimulated improving blood flow to the area for many hours Tension nodules are relaxed.


Infrared Light Therapy is becoming a common treatment for pain relief utilized by Medical Doctors, Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Physical Therapists. Infrared rays are able to heat our body through a process called conversion. During conversion, heat from an infrared lamp can penetrate the body without heating the air between the lamp and the body. This nontraditional way of heating the body has been used for decades to allow heat to penetrate into the organs to alleviate pain and promote natural healing processes. Infrared Therapy Lamp is safe and practical solution for those of you who want to help localized pain problems. Infrared rays penetrate into the layers of skin, causing the sensation of warmth at the same time producing the above benefits for the body. Infra-red lamps emit infra-red rays, Infra-red light is part of the sun’s invisible spectrum. It is simply a form of energy that is directly transmitted onto objects because of its specific wavelength.

BENEFITS: Studies have proven that Infrared Light brings wound healing and pain relief for scars, arthritis, fibromyalgia sprains, headaches, diabetic ulcers neuralgia, bursitis, sinusitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, inflammation, and edema. It is often administered to prevent scar tissue formation, and degenerative osteoarthritis Rejuvenate Skin: tighten skin and elasticity Helps relieve pain, stiffness, and pain caused by muscle strain or joint Enhance immunity against diseases Increasing the body temperature, speeding up the metabolism and excretion of waste Vasodilation occurs, increasing blood circulation and increased flow of nourishment to the area Soothing effect on sensory nerve ending, due to the mild heating producing an analgesic effect It allows the muscles to be warmed and relaxed, this allows them to be more responsive to further treatments


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Rp. 135.000 – 45 mins