Postnatal Massage

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Rp. 180.000

Duration :

60 Minutes

BISA Postnatal massage is a traditional Asian Treatment which has been handed down over several generations. It involves the use of a massage oil applied to the stomach and a tummy wrap (bengkung), essentially a cotton cloth of several meters length. The bengkung is used to wrap the body so as to push up the uterus, clearing water retention, wind and spasms. This shrinks the tummy and helps to reduce weight.

Traditional postnatal confinement gives the mother a chance to rest and recuperate after the trauma of pregnancy and delivery. It helps the mother in many ways: Physically, as the body is usually raw and tender after the strenuous exertions of labour. Some postnatal massage therapies also come with a detoxification ritual that rids the midriff of post-birth bagginess. Emotionally, you are adjusting to the challenge of motherhood and the arrival of a new family member. Postnatal massage provides a sense of continuing comfort for you. The aim of this massage is to give nurturing and emotional support as well as alleviate the muscle strains of labour and childbirth. Mentally, as she rest and recuperates.

Benefits: Relieves aches on shoulders or neck. Hastens the reduction of fluid retention. Helps the uterus to shrink back to its original size. Reduces cellulite and helps to tone up your body. Massage at the top of the chest and breasts may also be appreciated and could help with any congestion of the milk ducts.


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Rp. 135.000 – 45 mins