Baby Massage Workshop

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Rp. 250.000

Duration :

60 Minutes

“Yes great news we can teach you how to massage your baby safely”

Through massage parents and baby are learning more about each other and the subtle cues and signals that you give each other. The trust and positive communication you are building will stay with both parents and baby. By massaging the toe or hand, you are introducing your baby to a whole new arena of body awareness and sensory discovery. In general, bonding comes from shared experiences that help babies learn who you are, who they are and about the love and connection you share. This bonding can start at any time and will deepen with repetition.

Massaging your baby can also bring these benefits:

Eye-to-eye contact: closely looking and gazing into one another’s eyes, smiling and making funny faces at each other.

Skin-to-skin contact: hands-on, skin-to-skin contact, including touching, holding, hugging, rocking, stroking and discovering that your baby has a strong grip.

Sharing sound: talking, laughing, singing and making silly sounds.

Recognizing scents: You and your baby know each other by your natural essences. Without it being obvious, you and your baby recognize each other’s scent signatures and are comforted and reassured.

Benefits for your baby: Helps the baby relax. Stimulates the infant’s circulation, digestion and neurological development. Improves the baby’s immune system. Helps relieve pain from colic, gas and teething. Promotes deeper, longer more restful sleep. Enhances infant learning.

Benefits for you: Builds confidence in baby handling. A great way to settle your baby if crying. Mothers suffering from postnatal depression become less depressed and stressed when they massage their babies.


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