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Crystal therapy combined with warm stone massage is truly a match made in holistic heaven! Both the warm stones and crystals create a more synergistic flow of energy between each of the seven chakras. The outcome is more ease and grace in daily life. Yet, stones and crystals require in-depth knowledge to be used effectively. If working as a professional, your level of expertise will have to be particularly deep which is why this new Bali BISA course was designed with you in mind.

Basalt stones from volcanic lava are used in warm stone massage due to their heat retention properties. We are fortunate in Bali that our stones come from the rivers and streams surrounding Bali’s most sacred mountain, Mount Agung. This gives them a particularly strong ability to balance and ground individuals versus normal stones.

Once warmed to a comfortable temperature, a therapist arranges the stones by size and shape along energy lines. Some are then used to deeply massage muscle tissues and joints with the heat penetrating more intensely than if a therapist only used their hands. It is often said that one stroke with a heated stone is equivalent to ten normal massage strokes!

If you only want to study stone massage, there are several course options at our Bali BISA school of massage and complementary therapies.
Bali BISA 5-day Warm Stone Massage; CIBTAC 15-day Award in Stone Therapy; CIBTAC 10-day Diploma in Stone Therapy Massage ; VTCT 15-day Level 3 Certificate in Stone Therapy

Crystals are considered effective by many because of their energy vibrations. However, each mineral has its own unique qualities known as a crystalline structure or “sacred geometry”. When placed on the body, carried in a pocket or worn as jewellery, they vibrate at a certain rate which is referred to as their spirit or life force. Over time, these vibrational properties are transferred to the person.

A major portion of the training is devoted to aligning the crystal in a grid fashion which intensifies and magnifies energy. The aim is to manifest increased healing to the parts of the body which are not in balance. A sound foundation in the chakras is essential to place the stones and crystals in the correct alignment. The placement of crystals is especially crucial as the warm stones previously applied have already released a lot of blockages.

As a specialist practitioner you will be empowered to genuinely help people feel more relaxed and confident, and hopefully reduce any pain or anxiety they are feeling. And what better place to master these healing arts than in Bali, a deeply spiritual island. Bali BISA is a renowned wellness training institute who caters to people from around the world in small classes.

CBE130 – 10 days

The methods of Tutorials include:

  • Practical
  • Theory
  • Case Studies
  • Home Study
  • Assignments
  • Commercial Practice


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