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The focus of the first week of this aesthetics program is on the hands which is more than just about vanity as hand nail care is very important for overall health.  Students become adept at utilizing a variety of tools; the application of creams, oils and waxes to clean and shape nails; and cuticle care.  A shoulder massage is taught as an integral part of the pampering routine

Learn it as a Bali BISA 5 day manicure and pedicure course or as part of this comprehensive 20 day BISA program.


Pedicures receive special attention during the course as it involves preventative care and hygiene is very important. An important element to the process is learning how to carry out a luxurious and soothing foot bath and massage.

Learn it as a Bali BISA 5 day pedicure and manicure module, as part of this comprehensive 20 day BISA program.


The skin is a complex organ consisting of three layers.  Knowledge is hence critical when giving any face treatment.  The Bali BISA spa aesthetics institute uses traditional ingredients which have proven to be effective for thousands of years.   For example, cucumber juice acts as a toner; honey is an ideal cleanser; candle nuts make for a great peeling scrub; oil rich avocado moisturizes dry skin; cucumber, lime and honey create a healthy mask for oily skin; and bananas, eggs and honey combined create a mask for sensitive skin.  Students are also taught to give an eye massage and mask, and then shape and pluck eyebrows.

Learn it as a Bali BISA 5 day traditional facial module or as part of this comprehensive 20 day program.


Hair removal by waxing is something more busy women and men count on for convenience, but it requires a great deal of skill to perform it painlessly.  Students are taught how to efficiently wax under the arms and on the legs, as well as carry out a seamless bikini line and Brazilian bikini wax.  As per all modules, outside models are organized by the school for the practical work.

Learn it as a Bali BISA 5 day waxing hair removal module