Balinese Traditional Spa Rituals

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This course of popular Balinese Spa treatments is a great way to immerse yourself in Balinese culture while at the same time giving you a unique portfolio of wellness skills that are growing in demand globally.


Start the programme with one of the world’s fastest growing massage types. It uses a combination of techniques from China, India, Sweden, and the Indonesian Islands of Java and Bali. There are a diverse array of techniques used, but there is plenty of time to practice each skill…… crabbing, cat squeeze, palming, skin rolling, thumb circles, effleurage, knuckle slides, kneading, thumb slide, forearm slide, kecak, thumb walking and chopping.

  • Balinese Massage Theory and Practice
  • Exam Theory and Practical


In this portion of the programmed, you will discover the beauty secrets of Indonesian women’s smooth, vibrant skin. We teach you how to prepare and apply natural ingredients for exfoliating dead skin cells to return skin to a healthy state. Students will refresh their Balinese Massage techniques to warm up the body before a scrub application using circular movements. A refreshing conditioner afterwards nourishes the skin. You will be taught various types, including the Javanese Lulur which is rapidly spreading worldwide as it is such an exotic body treatment.

Body wraps purify and feed the skin with nutrients by the process of absorption. It also draws impurities from the pores of the skin. Students learn how to give a Balinese Boreh which is a traditional village remedy originally used by rice farmers. It is excellent for warming the muscles, so often used to treat people with colds and flu.
This is a very fun week that builds on the knowledge and experience gained in the previous week.

  • Traditional Body Scrubs and Wraps Theory and Practice
  • Exam Theory and Practical


Still focused on skin, the body’s largest organ and so vitally important to health, this week focuses on a spa service that has become a regular part of an over-all beauty plan for many women. Students are taught how to determine skin type and adjust the mixture of the products to suit oily, dry, combination or balanced skin. They are also able to give advice on daily skin care after any session.

As Asian women are renowned for their beautiful faces, Bali BISA bases its natural formula on fruit extracts that have been successfully used well before the intervention of chemically-based products.

  • Traditional Facial Theory and Practice
  • Exam Theory and Practical


Before commercial hair products were available, many Indonesian women used fresh ingredients found in their kitchens to keep their hair lustrous and healthy. Depending on a person’s hair type, ingredients such as avocado, carrot, aloe Vera, coconut milk, lime and mint were massaged into the scalp. It feels as delicious as it tastes. Today, a steam machine is used for maximum absorption while shoulders, arms and hands are massaged by a professionally trained therapist. It is a very pleasant way to finish the program and your friends will be ever so happy to donate their head for practice back at home!

  • Cream Hair Bath Theory and Practice
  • Exam Theory and Practical
CBE123 – 20 days

The methods of Tutorials include:

  • Practical
  • Theory
  • Case Studies
  • Home Study
  • Assignments
  • Commercial Practice


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