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Celebrating International Women’s Day Through the Practice of Self-Care

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Each year on March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day not only sheds light on female achievements that have taken place throughout the years, but also raises awareness against bias and encourages people to take action for equality in all areas of life. These accomplishments are recognized in many parts of the world, and there are many ways in which you can celebrate the ladies closest to you.

Like women, the practice of self-care comes in many shapes and sizes leaving it open to interpretation, depending on the individual. However, regardless of who you are, we practice self-care hoping to achieve a positive result that often helps us feel good about ourselves. Below, we’ve included ways in which you can celebrate and empower the women who mean the most to you through self-love and self-care on International Women’s Day and all the days of the year.

Hear Her Out

Let’s face it, as humans we spend a great deal of time in conversation with others, but very little of that time is actually spent listening to what they have to say. We have a terrible habit of thinking of our own thoughts while others are still expressing theirs. As a woman, being conscious of this means taking the time to actively listen to what your female friends have to say. While some conversations may be light-hearted, for example, a female friend telling you she’s interested in a career change and wants to take a BISA courses, others may be more serious, and your friend’s vent session may be a cry for help.

It is not always easy to come out and say exactly what we want to say, but if you’re actively listening to your friend when she speaks, you may just be able to avert the crisis at hand. Whether it’s an ongoing issue with a co-worker or trouble in a relationship, your female friends should always feel like they can confide in you. After you’ve listened to what they have to say, attempt to respond constructively. You may even find some of her troubles are, or have been, situations you’ve struggled with in the past. For example, if she is experiencing a lack of intimacy with her partner and you’ve been there before, share with her the libido-boosting treatment you sought out to help you overcome those same feelings.

While you may not always have the answer, there will be occasions when your time and empathy will be all she needs to feel more at ease. It’s likely that she will also return the favor and take the time to listen to during the times you are in need.

Make Time to Relax

Our lives can be hectic, but a necessary part of self-care is setting aside time to break away from our grueling routines and relax. We can define the act of relaxing in various ways and create a unique meaning depending on the individual. While some enjoy spending quiet time curled up by the fire reading a good book, others may find they are in the greatest state of relaxation spending the day at a spa which studies show can be beneficial for your health.

However you choose to spend it, relaxation is something we all need now and then. Being able to check out of real life, even for just a short amount of time, allows us to be at peace both mentally and physically. This also gives us an opportunity to put any stressors on a temporary back burner and center ourselves. Your friend may wear many hats as a wife, a mother, a successful entrepreneur, or all of the above, but during this time she can just be herself and focus on herself, and for that, she will be appreciative!

Time is precious and although there are only so many hours in a day, which frankly never quite feels like enough, setting aside “you time,” and encouraging your female friends to do the same, will not only break up the monotony of everyday life, but will lend you time to reset and recharge in order to strive to be the best you.

Send Encouraging Messages

We all get down on ourselves once in a while. From societal pressures to look and act a certain way to inequalities we have both faced and overcome, it’s crucial to remind ourselves of how amazing we truly are. What better way to feel uplifted and empowered than encouraging words from a fellow-female? A little reminder now and then that you’re doing a great job can speak volumes. Why not spread kindness like wildfire rather than negativity?

There are plenty of ways to let your lady friends know you’re thinking of them and they can go beyond the spoken word. For example, you can send an encouraging text message, email, or a handwritten letter. Include a motivational quote from a female who has paved the way throughout history, or get clever and speak right from the heart. Reading these words of encouragement may be just what she needs to power through the rest of the day. Life can be trying, but with a strong support system, there is nothing a woman cannot power through.

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