Career Opportunities

Training is the best investment you will give yourself. Many employers around the world are seeking professionally qualified Spa Therapists.   The Bali International Spa Academy School can equip students of all nationalities with just this. We offer a variety of options, from a three month Basic Therapist Training giving the basic skills to enter the industry as a Spa Professional to expanding an experienced therapist’s skill set to providing the training required to join the ranks of spa management.

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Indonesian Employment Opportunities

The spa and wellness industry is booming, so there are so many opportunities to start a career locally or internationally. It can be a fulfilling life and provide Indonesians and their families with a secure income.

Invest in your future

There are so many employers seeking people with a willingness to learn, but also expect a basic understanding of the industry and a foundation of essential spa services. The Bali International Spa Academy School can equip Indonesians with just this. We offer a variety of options, but the three month Basic Therapist Training is the ideal option as you will be able to apply all below with confidence and technical skill. The course fee is normally US 2,520.00, but we offer Indonesian citizens a 30% discount and a guaranteed job with a quality company.

If interested, please complete the contact form.

Company Sponsored Position

Bali BISA works with many companies worldwide who are seeking highly trained Indonesian spa therapists. Some of them are willing to partially or fully sponsor the training for candidates with the right background and attitude.

We can MATCH you up with the right organization.

Please email your CV to and in the cover letter specific any personal ambitions.

Current Job Openings

You can find more job openings in the spa and wellness industry right here.