BISA Student that study Balinese Massage

The Many Faces of Balinese Massage

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Not unexpectedly, Bali BISA’s most popular course is their five-day Balinese Massage module.  This is due to many diverse factors; BISA students select the module on its own or as part of a portfolio of learning. Their reasons for choosing Balinese Massage are as varied as the countries they come from.  Here is a sampling of recent  student stories.

5 Strategies for the New Year

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January is the time to set up your success for the upcoming year. From marketing, to customer service, to making the most of your software, there are several changes you can make as a salon or spa owner to grow your business. A profitable year requires advanced planning, so here are 5 changes you can make to your business to …

BALI BISA Continues to Sponsor Comprehensive Spa Therapist Training for Disadvantaged Young Women

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By Penny Ellis, Founder of the Bali International Spa Academy One of my personal goals when I established Bali BISA in 2006 was to give back to the Indonesian community which is now my adopted home.  Ten years later, it is wonderful to reflect on how welcoming this community has been for our students who come from every corner of …

Corrie Jacobs opened her own Beauty Therapy Clinic

My Journey Towards my Dream, Owning a Finishing School for Beauty Therapists

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By Corrie Jacobs, Beauty Therapist I am a South African woman with an incredible passion for beauty and wellness.  Despite my obsession with aesthetic treatments and methods, I didn’t begin any formal training until I was 37.  Short courses eventually led me to become a full-time student at Elizabeth Beauty School in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. My enthusiasm for the booming health …

BISA Trainer Dewi trip to Sulawesi to do massage training in Siladen Spa

BALI BISA Delivers Customized Training to Spas Around the World

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Spa owners and managers are increasingly realizing that properly trained therapists are instrumental to long term success.  However, providing professional training is not always easy or affordable. Some spas request that senior therapists formally teach their colleagues without recognizing that expertise in a certain modality does not always equate to the ability to effectively execute training in a group, or …

Spa and Beauty Certification, What are the key differences?

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By Penny Ellis, Founder, Bali International Spa Academy CIBTAC Centre of the Year 2015 and Finalist 2014 The Bali International Spa Academy known as Bali BISA offers our own proprietary BISA courses and programs, plus an array of CIBTAC and VTCT qualifications.   We carefully considered which of the major awarding bodies worldwide to feature in addition to our Bali BISA …

Two Islands, Two Cultures, Two Massages – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Balinese Massage. How do they Differ?

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By Penny Ellis, Founder, Bali International Spa Academy CIBTAC Centre of the Year 2015 and Runner-up 2014 The delightfully gorgeous islands of Hawaii and Bali are both steeped in history and culture, at least once one digs deeper than the superficial attributes that are largely responsible for attracting year-round tourists to their shores…. a tropical climate, beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, …

Differences between Eastern and Western Massages from a Practitioner’s Perspective

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At the Bali International Spa Academy, often shortened to Bali BISA, one of the most common questions from prospective students is what massage modalities should they choose to study.  The answer of course lies within their individual philosophies about health and wellness.  We highly recommend that people contemplating which course(s) to enroll in, try those that appear compelling to feel …

CIBTAC Student's before they do their exam at BISA Sanur Spa Academy

How to Effectively Prepare for CIBTAC Exams

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By Penny Ellis, Founder, Bali International Spa Academy CIBTAC Centre of the Year Winner 2015 and Finalist 2014 Just reading or saying the word ‘exam’ typically sends shudders down the spines of most students.  It can be a particularly terrifying prospect for people who have not attended school in a long while, no matter how many years they have been …

Benefits of Bamboo Massage for the Client and the Therapist

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By Penny Ellis, Founder, Bali International Spa Academy CIBTAC Centre of the Year 2015 and Finalist 2014 Considering the many therapeutic benefits of bamboo massage for both clients and therapists, it is surprising that it is not more readily found on spa menus. After all, bamboo was considered a powerful healing tool in ancient China, Japan and Indonesia.  Bamboo still …