Thai Foot Stick Wooden Massage on White Towel with candles and flowers

Thai Foot Stick Massage Anybody?

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Thai Foot Stick Massage originated approximately 2000 years ago and was originally used within households amongst family members to cure any ailments. It was strongly influenced by the Indian Ayurvedic system of healing as well as having aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and elements of shiatsu, reflexology, Chinese massage and yoga. Thai Foot Stick Massage is a wonderfully relaxing massage …

Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage Oils for Spring

Complementary Therapies as a Spa Career Choice

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Many forms of what is now labeled as complementary therapies originated in ancient civilizations, well before the advent of modern medicine. Today as the wave of people setting realizable goals to obtain total wellness is cresting, so has the demand for complementary therapists.  This booming consumer devotion to wellness has also meant that more and more day and destination spas …

Study Shaitsu and A-Shiatsu at Bali BISA in Sanur

Key Differences between Shiatsu and A-Shiatsu Massage

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Likely you have already heard of shiatsu massage, but odds are that no of A-Shiatsu even though it is becoming more of a mainstream therapeutic modality.  The differences between the two are something we often share with students wishing to study one or both of these extremely beneficial treatments as it can initially be quite confusing given their similar names. …

Bali BISA students relaxing in the cozy bale

The Evolving Profile of Spa School Students

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With the explosive growth in the sheer volume of spas and wellness centres of all variations in virtually every corner of the globe, the traditional characteristics and motivations of spa school students has also changed dramatically.   This scenario is particularly true at the Bali International Spa Academy, also known as Bali BISA, which has predominantly attracted international students with diverse …

A Spa receptionist talking to a guest about after care products

Five Ways to Optimize Spa Reception Productivity to Deliver Predictable Revenue Growth

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First impressions are important in virtually all instances, but particularly so in a spa where customer expectations are already set quite high.  An unpleasant experience at reception on arrival can put the client in a bad mood and no matter how talented the therapist they may not be able to get them to relax and enjoy the session.  Likewise the …

A sports massage therapist treating a patient

The Benefits of Therapeutic Sports Massage

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While the name sports massage may imply that this is intended for athletes, this form of therapy may actually be beneficial to anyone who has sustained an injury, experiencing chronic pain, and who may have a range of motion that is restricted. This massage therapy got its name since this was originally developed for athletes in order to prepare their …

Poster for Earth Day 2015 - Young People saying Its Our Turn to Lead

Building Sustainability Into Spas

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With Earth Day’s 45th anniversary events extensive programs held just a month ago and the United Nation’s World Environment Day coming up on June 5th, we thought it was timely to present information about how far spas can go to be environmentally responsible. Spas can indeed lead by example in so many ways!

Infographic outlining the Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Health Benefits of Massage

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Everyone Loves the Luxury of Getting a Massage. Whether it’s a special treat during a tropical vacation, part of a medical rehabilitation program for an athletic injury, or to fight off pain, the reasons people seek out massage therapy varies greatly. Massage Techniques There are a number of common massage techniques employed by massage therapists. These techniques include shiatsu, deep tissue, …

A Bali BISA student, Domittle, who is champion freeflier high in the air

Inspiring Female Bali BISA Spa School Students

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Bali BISA has had many wonderful female students over the years, but these four awesome stories impressed us so much that we wanted to share them to inspire others wishing to enter the dynamic spa and wellness industry. The Bali BISA team applaud all the fabulous men and women who have undertaken our courses for business or personal reasons. Jennie …