Lady enjoying Swedish Massage on Left and on right lady with Balinese Massage

Main Differences between Swedish & Balinese Massage

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By Penny Ellis Founder, Bali International Spa Academy[/cs_text] WHAT MASSAGE IS BEST TO MASTER? This is a complex question and we take the time to ask the right questions from the start. Our Basic Spa Therapist Training Program incorporates both Swedish and Balinese Massage so is perfect for people wishing to start a career in the industry. If you can …

CIBTAC Diploma in Spa Therapy Student - Nicola Burbidge practicing massage

A CIBTAC Student’s View: Two Months In Bali

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So my two month study stint is coming to an end. I have been training like crazy to get a diploma in Spa Therapy from Bali BISA. My time has been intense, and the whole experience feels like a hazy cloud of time which hasn’t really happened! So apart from school, what have I done? Well not much really! I …

Balinese Offerings with Colorful FLowers

Balinese Offerings – Canang Sari

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Wonderfully decorative and colorful offerings are a special feature of the Balinese culture. Canang sari is the simplest form of banten (offering) and is often seen at the front of houses, stores, temples or simply placed on the ground. The basic ingredients of canang sari are mostly the same, but the resources and the creativity of the people that make …

Balinese Holistic Healing

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Traditional Balinese Holistic Healing Parents of Balinese families have the added responsibility to teach their children some basic skills of traditional Balinese medicine using domestic herbs and spices, along with therapies for simple ailments. Such knowledge is inherited and has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Every family compound is advised to plant their own living apothecary …

Thai Foot Stick Wooden Massage on White Towel with candles and flowers

Thai Foot Stick Massage Anybody?

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Thai Foot Stick Massage originated approximately 2000 years ago and was originally used within households amongst family members to cure any ailments. It was strongly influenced by the Indian Ayurvedic system of healing as well as having aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and elements of shiatsu, reflexology, Chinese massage and yoga. Thai Foot Stick Massage is a wonderfully relaxing massage …

Aromatherapy Therapeutic Massage Oils for Spring

Complementary Therapies as a Spa Career Choice

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Many forms of what is now labeled as complementary therapies originated in ancient civilizations, well before the advent of modern medicine. Today as the wave of people setting realizable goals to obtain total wellness is cresting, so has the demand for complementary therapists.  This booming consumer devotion to wellness has also meant that more and more day and destination spas …

Study Shaitsu and A-Shiatsu at Bali BISA in Sanur

Key Differences between Shiatsu and A-Shiatsu Massage

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Likely you have already heard of shiatsu massage, but odds are that no of A-Shiatsu even though it is becoming more of a mainstream therapeutic modality.  The differences between the two are something we often share with students wishing to study one or both of these extremely beneficial treatments as it can initially be quite confusing given their similar names. …

Bali BISA students relaxing in the cozy bale

The Evolving Profile of Spa School Students

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With the explosive growth in the sheer volume of spas and wellness centres of all variations in virtually every corner of the globe, the traditional characteristics and motivations of spa school students has also changed dramatically.   This scenario is particularly true at the Bali International Spa Academy, also known as Bali BISA, which has predominantly attracted international students with diverse …