Dr. Abdulla Spa Management Profile Picture.

Dr Abdullah’s Spa Management course at BISA

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I started a very large medical spa project in Saudi Arabia 3 years ago. As it was nearly completed I decided it was time for me to learn about the spa industry. I met Penny Ellis 7 years ago at an expo in Qatar and never forgot her. So I booked my Spa Management course with Bali BISA and arrived …

Three happy females in spa, a sign of a successful spa marketing strategy


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A new year, same spa marketing campaigns? Here’s a summary of how to refresh some of the biggest pain points in a spa’s business in order to attract new clients, retain current clients, and of course, increase your bottom line. Get Organized The first step to any successful spa marketing campaign is getting organized. Creating a clear marketing plan for …

The Rewards of becoming a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist

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For the majority of spa therapists, job satisfaction centres around the joy of making people “feel good”.  The ‘feel good’ range of body work treatments extends from just inducing a state of pure relaxation to providing therapeutic benefits to reduce temporary or chronic pain. By becoming a qualified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage specialist (also known as Lymphatic Massage therapist) you …


Industry Experts Reveal Spa Trends, Values and Challenges in 2018

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According to the latest International SPA Association (ISPA) U.S. Spa Industry Study, the total number of spa visits surpassed 180 million for the first time last year, and increase of 2.5 percent over 2015. Income also set a new annual record of $16.8 billion, a jump of 3.1 percent. Facilities grew to meet demand, with the total number of spas reaching 21,260, a …

Kempinski Hotel San Lawrenz Ayurveda

Emerging Wellness Spa Travel Trends for 2018 and Beyond

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Forecasting the next big trends in wellness travel for 2018, we round up the most significant trends set to shake up the world of wellness next year. From mindful movement holidays, to happiness retreats and architectural wellness, discover the hottest new trends that will influence the wellness world in 2018 and beyond Preventative Health to Eliminate Disease With preventable diseases …

Italian Student graduation day

BISA Home to Six Italian Beauty School Students for 4 Weeks

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It was the inspiration of Italy’s Center for Instruction of Lady Hairstyles (CIAS) teacher, Eleonora, that its’ most outstanding young students go beyond their normal curriculum boundaries to fully embrace the traditional wellness and beauty philosophies of other countries. As Bali is widely considered to be the spa capital of the world and its unique culture still upholds ancient health …

Sanur Village Festival 2017

Sanur Village Festival 2017

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Sanur Village Festival returns in its 12-year celebration this August 9 – 13th, bringing back a highly anticipated week filled with numerous arts, cultural, food, water sports and environmental-awareness events to the shores of Bali’s otherwise tranquil sunrise coast. With festivities mainly focused in the Maisonette area of the legendary Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, the committee of this year’s …

A Chinese Girl sit down with book and camera

Chinese Outbound Wellness Tourism will be a Huge Force

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Irrespective of what happens to the Chinese economy, Chinese outbound tourism will continue to be a compelling growth story. To a major extent, this will shape the future of the global wellness industry for years to come. The reasons are twofold: (1) Chinese tourists are becoming increasingly health/wellness conscious – slowly, but surely transitioning from a form of travel geared …