The Bali International Spa Academy, or BISA, is the ITEC Bali authorized training centre for spa, complementary therapies and beauty education.

Bali International Spa Academy Newest ITEC Approved Centre

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Becoming an ITEC Bali partner is a truly exciting announcement for my team and I as it reflects directly on our on-going commitment to offering students from around the globe the best accreditation choices in order to initiate or propel their careers.

What does this really mean though for you, whether you are an experienced therapist or new to the world of wellness? What does ITEC Bali qualifications bring to you that VTCT, CIBTAC or BISA does not? Quite simply, ITEC Bali provides you with yet another option as the final decision ultimately depends upon where you intend to practice; your own study preferences and timeframe; and the specific set of vocational skills best suited for your personal goals.

ITEC’s recent merger with VTCT makes them the world’s leading awarding bodies in the fields of spa, complementary therapies, beauty, hairdressing, customer service, and sport and fitness. They now have a huge combined voice in the direction these industries and their associated qualification criteria are headed.

Yet, ITEC has chosen to maintain their own distinctive assessment methods that have been applied for decades.  Essentially, ITEC’s examination process is strictly done by one of their qualified assessors at an Approved ITEC Centre on scheduled dates.  On the other hand, the VTCT model is based on continuous assessment by the training centre itself.  There is only moderate over-sight by VTCT as we have four trainers qualified as VTCT assessors and I hold a VTCT Quality Assurance Diploma.

Both ITEC Bali and VTCT Bali very much value practical experience balanced with theory.  At BISA, we bring in outside people for people to apply their skills to with feedback from their tutors as to how to improve.

As we can’t contain our enthusiasm for the selected ITEC Bali courses, we have put together some very affordable packages with incredible savings.  For example, enroll in a 40 day Holistic Therapies program for US$3,978, a savings of US$6,035 if you had paid for each course individually (download all prices here).  The investment in fees and time at a training school such as BISA is so much less than choosing a traditional college program.  However you leave with the same globally respected certification, plus you have been able to live in the “Island of the Gods” while you learn.  We are happy to assist in finding accommodation to suit your budget.  After 14 wonderful years at BISA’s helm, I can assure you that the memories of Bali and BISA will stay with you for a lifetime.

Choosing your course (s), certification level and awarding body can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to professionally guide you. Whatever your final decision, when leaving BISA you will have a passport to a career where you positively affect people’s lives and, if you wish, a journey around the world as today’s opportunities are virtually unlimited for well-trained therapists.

By Penny Ellis, President Director, Bali International Spa Academy
CIBTAC Centre of the Year 2015 and Finalist 2014

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