BISA Trainer Dewi trip to Sulawesi to do massage training in Siladen Spa

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BISA Trainer Dewi trip to Sulawesi to do massage training in Siladen SpaSpa owners and managers are increasingly realizing that properly trained therapists are instrumental to long term success.  However, providing professional training is not always easy or affordable.

Some spas request that senior therapists formally teach their colleagues without recognizing that expertise in a certain modality does not always equate to the ability to effectively execute training in a group, or even individual, setting.  Also an “internal educator” may not command the same respect as a professional training organization.  Due to existing relationships the designated trainer may overlook mistakes and avoid correcting obvious technical errors. On the other hand, an outside consultant arrives with a fresh perspective and no pre-set opinions about an individual capabilities.

Another challenging factor can be when spas wish to introduce new modalities into their menu, there are often no employees with sufficient training and experience to even attempt teaching colleagues. In some cases, this obstacle can be overcome by asking suppliers to provide training, but typically such individuals are more interested in increasing sales rather than delivering effective education.

The situation for spas in the pre-opening stage is even more critical as a top priority is to standardize treatment procedures for therapists with diverse backgrounds and experience.  It really takes a professional trainer to consolidate practices into a cohesive set of protocols which everyone can easily follow after comprehensive instruction and guided practice.  Part of the training package is a library of Standard Operating Protocols / Procedures for on-going monitoring.

Unless a new or established spa has a certified educational institute in their area, professional training for therapists may initially seem like an impossible dream.  It is simply too costly to send a team of therapists to a training facility that is not within a reasonable travelling distance.

This is why more spas and wellness centres are now choosing to have trainers come to their site to teach exactly what is required for their own unique menu and market situation.


With a large team of experienced, full time tutors trained to CIBTAC and VTCT international standards, Bali BISA has the capacity to send one or more to the client’s location for several days or weeks. For many years, BISA trainers have travelled all over world to successfully assist companies meet their training objectives.


  • The Siladen Resort & Spa is located on a lush tropical island in the heart of the Bunaken National Marine Park in the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi. This world-class resort is situated amidst a protected ocean area acclaimed worldwide for the richness of its waters.  It is widely considered to be the epicenter of global marine biodiversity.

Since their first guest arrived in 2003 the international resort has offered guests the most attractive, exquisite and secluded comfort in North Sulawesi. Yet, current management realized that to maintain their five star status that they must consistently deliver quality spa treatments to their discerning clientele who are accustomed to the very highest levels of pampering.

Dewi and the Siladen Resort therapies while practicing foot reflexology As it was not feasible to send all their therapists to an accredited educational centre given their remote location, BISA came to them in the form of one of their most qualified trainers, Dewi. She taught the Siladen spa team Traditional Facials, Foot Reflexology, Manicures, Pedicures and Traditional Hair Cream Bath….. all treatments which Siladen therapists were not proficient in.

After the intensive training program, the resort’s Guest Experience Manager, Ana Fonseca, wrote to Bali BISA Founder, Penny Ellis, to say “Dewi is a very professional and hard worker, and we were very happy with the training results. She did an excellent job and I believe we will contact you again in the future requesting for her to come back for a refresher”.

  • Making an impressive opening for the first in a chain of spas located around the Philippines was so important to the Ubud Bali Spa owners that they made the wise decision to train staff to the very highest standards prior to opening. They also realized that consistent delivery of their treatments was critical which is why they chose to bring in a BISA trainer. According to owner, Jhem Mendoza, Dewi did so much more than the basic training. She really made the effort to help management understand how the spa could operate more efficiently and the therapists work more effectively in their spa conditions.

Dewi while teaching Bali Ubud Spa trainer pregnancy massage and baby massage


The process is simple.  Once you send your specific requirements regarding desired timing and exact modalities to be taught, then a quotation will be send.  BISA educators are not only highly skilled therapists themselves, but are experienced in the most effective training methods in order to bring your spa team up to the demanding standards of awarding bodies such as VTCT and CIBTAC.

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